10 Cool German Shepherd Yard Toys for Boredom

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If there was one word to describe a German Shepherd, it’d definitely be “athletic”. An agile, lean, handsome breed, he’s notorious for his aggressive nature, but yet, on the brighter side, insanely friendly and easy to train. By virtue of its intelligence and playful nature, this beloved furry ball of energy tends to get bored very quickly. The side-effects of a bored German Shepherd typically include restlessness, anxiety, digging and chewing, and spurts of aggressive barking. 

So, in addition to proper grooming and training, your German Shepherd also needs the right set of play and activities to keep himself engaged. Simply a daily walk will not suffice; engage your pooch in the right set of outdoor exercise, along with yard toys like frisbees, chewable toys, and so on, that give vent to his aggressive chewing and pent-up energy. Take a look at our top Ten curated (and hit!) yard toys right here!

German Shepherd Yard Toys for Boredom

1. Dog ball thrower

Dog ball thrower

The most exciting thing for German Shepherds is… well, a simple tennis ball. Just fling it in the air and watch him run after it. You can throw the ball yourself in the yard, but your high-energy dog will quickly tire you out. A good way to deal with this is by using dog ball throwers.

These come in various sizes, perfect for all German Shepherd puppers to doggos. The fun part is that you don’t have to be around to load the balls in the devices. Once your German Shepherd learns to drop the balls into the loading tray, he can have a great deal of fun in the yard, all day long! Some ball launchers have distance settings to adjust how far the balls can be projected. You can go for wireless ones as well! 

2. Nero Ball Classic K9 Ball on a Rope

Nero Ball Classic K9 Ball on a Rope

Made of a special natural rubber blend & slightly larger than a regular tennis ball, it has thicker inner walls with projections on it, that give your German Shepherd a familiar mouthfeel when chewing on it. Your doggo will also want to tug and bite the tough, durable nylon rope.

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The rope has a sturdy Anti-slip knot that resists heavy tugging and jumping activities. Its bright orange color is eye-catching to your German Shepherd, so it makes for a good game of ‘hide and seek’ as well. Overall, a great toy to have in your yard for your GSD!

3. Long flyer durable flying disc

If your German Shepherd loves tennis-balls, he’ll love frisbees even more! Frisbees give her a chance to flaunt her aerial skills. The most important aspect of frisbees is their flight distance, flying time and durability. However, the best flying discs have a softer, forgiving catch and a bit of bounce, which will be good on the teeth and gums.

Durability is another aspect, but most frisbees are meant for fetch and retrieve games, not for chewing. If purchasing plastic discs, please ensure the material is non-toxic and lead-free.

4. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

For your German Shepherd, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball is a perfect yard toy because it can withstand a good amount of slobbery chewing. The bouncy ball scores High on stimulation factor, because it encourages jumping, fetching, and swimming (thanks to its great floating quality!). The bright orange-n-blue color probably excite your dog to play. Another aspect is that it is a 3” size, which fits in suitable dog ball launchers that you may already own. 

5. Puller Training Rings

Puller Training Rings

Puller training rings are excellent toys/fitness equipment for your German Shepherd. Containing 2 purple rings, your dog can have jumping, fetching, and tug-of-war sessions of higher intensity.

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It’s lightweight, perfect for intense, yet rewarding training sessions with your pet. It’s made of soft & firm material, non-toxic and odourless. Not meant as a chew toy. It also floats in water, so it’s a great gift for your German Shepherd’s fitness plus fun! The kit also has a comic-book style instruction guide, so you can bond happily with your cute doggo.

6. HDP 18-Ft Dog Training Tunnel

HDP 18-Ft Dog Training Tunnel

German Shepherds are intelligent, athletic, and agile; training your dog is a breeze with a dog training tunnel kit. It’s an HDP (plastic) material with a collapsible wireframe that’s easy to set-up and store! If you want to agility train your dog, then you could try this tunnel. Gradually extend its length and change the orientation from straight to a curved tunnel to test his limits.

Keep his favourite treats ready when he emerges from the other end! This toy is perfect for large yards, as setting up an 18-ft long tunnel can require a good deal of space. Keep other toys nearby, as the experience of being in a tunnel can lead to some anxiety initially.

7. Tether Tug

Tether Tug

This is a fun little addition to your puppy’s yard toys. Your German Shepherd needs a good, intense chase-and-tug type activity, that is bound to make your arm muscles sore.

It consists of a tall pole with a sturdy rope tethered to its top. He will love the challenge of tug-of-war, as the rope relieves his teething pain. You can also attach a ball to the rope and watch him attack it. Guaranteed hours of fun!

8. Otterly Pets Rope Dog Toys

Otterly Pets Rope Dog Toys

If your GSD gets worked up pretty quickly, the Otterly Pets Rope Dog Toys would be a paws-itively excellent yard toy for them! These rope toys come in assorted varieties, like 22.5” Rope with 4 Knots, 6” Ring, Figure-8 rope with chewable Rubber Ball, 20” Rope with Loop, and 4” Rope Ball, 3.5” diameter Monkey Ball & Fist Rope Ball.

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It’s durable and made of natural cotton fibres, which makes it pet-friendly and quick-wash. It also takes care of your dog’s Oral hygiene by removing tartar and build-up, with every chewing. Mix and match your doggie’s yard playtime activities, with tug-o-war, fetching, or chewing games. 

9. Kong Classic

Kong Classic

German Shepherds can become very snappy, so a good chew toy is a must. And a toy like this Kong Classic is a great addition to your paw-rtner’s playthings! It’s a bulbous, hollow, compound ball with 3 tiers, that allows your German Shepherd to bite and chew from different angles.

As it is made of thick natural rubber, it ensures a good deal of chewing. Incorporate this in your German Shepherd’s yard activities by stuffing it with his favourite flavoured treats. Hide the Kong Classic in a sandpit and let your German Shepherd go on a digging and hunting spree! 

10. PetSafe Ricochet Interactive Sound Game Dog Toy

 PetSafe Ricochet Interactive Sound Game Dog Toy

Interactive toys like this Ricochet help sharpen your German Shepherd’s instinctive and detection skills that will keep your German Shepherd engaged for hours. Consisting of 2 interactive balls, when your pup nudges one of the oval-shaped speakers, the other ball makes a squeaking sound. This goes on the back-and-forth, making for a really entertaining game of “catch the squeak”! 

The sound ranges up to 30 feet, so your German Shepherd will run around your yard, hunting for the source of the sound! Hide one of the balls for a doggie scavenger hunt.

The Ricochet is a mentally stimulating and challenging toy, which unexpectedly gives your dog the exercise and playtime he needs! Also, it’s battery-powered, lasting up to a month of daily play before batteries need replacement.

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