6 Automatic Ball Launcher for Large Breed Dogs like German Shepherd

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How to make sports time more fun for large dogs? Walk and games are the two ideal solutions available. The dog parents can indulge in teaching tricks, playing ‘go, and fetch’ games as a means to provide physical activities apart from walking them to gardens and parks. In doing such activities with your GSD or other big bull, you can utilize tools like automatic ball launchers.

If you are thinking about why to switch to automatic ball launchers when you can throw it yourself, we suggest you go through the following advantages of having these.

Advantages of having automatic ball launchers for large dogs

Automatic ball launchers are portable solutions that you can carry to parks or gardens and use indoors too, to give fetch the ball challenge to dogs. Apart from portability, the other advantages provided by these ball launchers are:

  • An automatic ball launcher throws balls one after another; thus, lots of fetches can be scored by the dog in a given time. It helps give the required workout to large dogs who love challenging activities.
  • Due to mechanized controls available, the ball launchers can throw the ball to distances longer than those possible to achieve by a manual throw. Also, some launchers allow throwing the balls at different angles.
  • Some launchers have a design that supports various functions; means, apart from throwing the ball, the dogs can get the treat dispensed from it. Some have the storage space, too, for balls.
  • Sophisticated designs and catchy colors make these a suitable fit for modern households or dog areas in the house.
  • Most importantly, ball launchers can help people in old age or with limited physical movement maintain their dog’s activity hour with the same agility and no compromises.
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All these advantages must have got you thinking about buying an automatic ball launcher for your big bull. To ease your shopping woes, we have annotated here some very interesting automatic ball launchers that can make your game hour with your large-sized pet more yielding and fun-filled

Cool Automatic Ball Launchers For Large Dogs

1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

 iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

Your Fetch-a-holic dog is going to find perfect support in this iFetch ball launcher having automatic functions. The users can select from different distance choices such as 10, 25, or 40ft at just one touch.

A feature of random distance selection keeps the suspense in the activity alive, helps the dog stay on its toes in anticipation of a new challenge each time.

This little machine is an innovation in form, as it comes with an in-built rechargeable battery. So, it demands nothing from the dog parent, not even charging!

2. Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher 

 Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher 

It is the ball launcher that has convenience and flexibility of use wrapped in a single product. The user can enjoy the ergonomic design that allows them to carry it around easily. There is an option to throw tennis balls of various types but of the prescribed size provided to bring variety and additional challenge to the dog.

New challenges and suspense can also be maintained by choosing three throw angles possible to achieve using the adjustable feet feature. A motor dial allows choosing the speed level as per the preference.

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It does not require battery recharging but can be switched on and put into play. Thus, this ball launcher is ideal for backyards and open spaces within the house to give the big pets in-house entertainment during free time.

3. PetSafe Automatic Dog Toy Ball Launcher

 PetSafe Automatic Dog Toy Ball Launcher

Operational on battery function and provided with an ergonomic handle, this automatic ball launcher can be lugged along while going to the garden with that big beast of yours.

It comes with a simple operations feature that allows you to adjust speed and angles in a single click. The design stands out in intelligence as it comes with a front sensor that can detect people or dogs within 7 ft range in front and do safe launching. Also, the hole is designed to use balls within a wider size range.

Further, 15 minutes of rest intervals are timed to prevent the dog from overdoing physical activity. The machine alerts the dog with audible sounds whenever the ball is to be launched, giving him the training to hear and act.

4. Chuckit!


Make play hour with your big pet dog all fun and no pain with Chuckit! Ball launcher. No need to look for plugging points or batteries; it is ready to use the moment you take it from the packing.

The flexible handle allows throwing the ball some 2-3 times distant than a manual throw. Also, it is safe because of no strain caused to arms. Further, the slobber-free scooping helps keep the hands clean since you can pick the ball without indulging hands.

5. IDOGMATE Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

 IDOGMATE Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

It is an amazing dog entertainment companion! You can use it indoors, in the backyard or courtyard, and at long-stretched gardens. Depending upon the site chosen, the users can select the distance and angle settings.

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Its funnel is big enough that dogs can put the ball by themselves into it. So, you can keep the dog engaged by giving him an activity to do, or can spend time with it as per the convenience.

It is an energy-efficient model as it can be run alternatively on a battery or by plugging into a power source. Thus, with little training, dogs can learn to play with it and keep themselves engaged.

6. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

You find a handy ball launcher and a trick master in this tennis ball blaster for big dogs. The user can go back to the days when playing with a gun was a hot thing.

It can remind the dog owner of the same activity, with the only difference of balls replacing the arrows. The handy design also allows you to give young children the charge of duty of giving requisite exercise to the dog.

About three balls can be loaded in once that makes it easy to bring speed to the ball fetching game. It supports your need to launch the ball as high as possible to keep the dog intrigued by the new and tough challenges.

Benefits of routine exercises for big dogs

Dogs having regular exercise have improved joint and lung health. Many common problems like hip dysplasia can be avoided by giving growing and big dogs ample exercises.

Fetch the ball kind of exercises give the dogs requisite mental stimulation and make them easily trainable.

Most importantly, you can create chances to bond with your pooch and help him handle psychological issues like separation anxiety, depression, etc. by creating a constructive energy outlet.

Wrapping up,

Keeping the dog mentally and physically fit and fine is your responsibility. If done properly, it pays you back by providing you a lifelong companion. Ball fetchers can help you have more activity and bonding added to the play hour. So, it would help if you thought of having one in your pet toys and supplies kit while preparing for the dog’s homecoming or other special occasions.

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