Are Cauliflower Leaves Safe For Your Dogs? Can Dogs Eat It?

Cauliflower, an extremely healthy green vegetable, was once neglected by people. But, nowadays it has become so popular that you will see it regularly on the restaurant tables. It’s not only a treat for its delicacy but also a healthy choice for humans as well as their pet dogs. But, what about the cauliflower leaves? Are they equally healthy for your dogs? And will your dog find it tasty to eat those leaves? Well! The answer is “YES”. The cauliflower leaves are equally healthy and tasty for your dogs.

The Cauliflower leaves comprise a modest proportion of fiber, vitamins, folate, selenium, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients will strengthen your dog’s immune system and at the same time, your dog will happily eat these veggie leaves. Come, let us delve deep into it.

Is it safe to feed your dog cauliflower leaves?

Yes, cauliflower leaves are perfectly safe for your dogs to eat. In fact, the florets of the cauliflower are also safe for your dog’s consumption. Moreover, your dogs will find both the leaves and florets of the cauliflower yummy to eat. But, do avoid feeding them the stems. They are not safe for your pet.

Dark green veggies are well-known for their incredible healthfulness, and cauliflower is no exception. Also, like other dark green veggies, it is a source of important vitamins and minerals.

Yes, indeed, the leaves of cauliflower are not that dark like the dark green vegetables, but they are at least green. So, at least some amount of goodness is bound to be present in those leaves. They do also have many important nutrients in them. Curious to know what are those nutrients? Keep on reading.

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Nutrition contents in cauliflower leaves & its advantages

According to the research of some Indian scientists who analyzed these leaves, the nutrition in cauliflower leaves (of a 100-gram serving) comprises 60 calories. Also, it has 5.9 grams of protein, 1.3 grams of fat, 7.6 grams of carbohydrate, and 2 grams of fiber. Besides, cauliflower leaves are also enriched with 41 milligrams of iron, and 49.5 milligrams of Beta Carotene. They are a source of 80 grams of water, 626 milligrams of calcium, and 107 milligrams of phosphorus.

In contrast, the nutrition contents of a 100 gram serving of cauliflower, the vegetable, comprise 25 calories. Also, it has 1.9 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbohydrate, and 2 grams of fiber. Besides, cauliflower is also enriched with 42 milligrams of iron. It has no Beta Carotene in it. The veggie is moreover a source of 80 grams of water, 626 milligrams of calcium, and 107 milligrams of phosphorus.

So, if we compare the nutrition facts of both the cauliflower and its leaves, we will find that the vitamins and minerals are richer in cauliflower leaves than in the cauliflower itself.

It is really fantastic. The cauliflower leaves that were previously used to go to the waste bin are now healthy food for your pet. What’s better than that?

Let’s go for a detailed analysis regarding the advantages of cauliflower leaves for your dogs in respect of their nutritional terms.

Every cell in your doggy’s body needs protein for its growth and good health. And, the cauliflower leaves provide triple the quantity of it than cauliflower itself.

Also, 150 percent of more carbohydrates are present in these leaves than that in the veggie. So, they will provide your dog with energy to thrive & survive.

Even, the leaves of cauliflower comprise calcium that is 30 times more than the vegetable itself. And, do we need to mention that this calcium will make your doggy’s bones and teeth stronger?

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Other than calcium, the leaves of cauliflower are a rich source of phosphorus. In fact, they have more than double the amount of phosphorus in them than it is present in the veggie. Ok, do you need some explanation on how this mineral will benefit your dog? Then, let us explain it a bit. Being the building block of a body, phosphorus will assist in maintaining the healthy cells & strong bones of your dog.

Besides, a few minerals like fiber and iron, are present in both the cauliflower leaves and the cauliflower veg in equal proportion. These minerals are also very beneficial for your dog’s body.

In what form should you feed it to your dogs- raw or cooked?

Now that you have known everything about the nutrition and benefits of cauliflower leaves for your dog, you will definitely think of feeding it with the leaves. But, in what form should you feed the cauliflower leaves to your dog? Should it be raw or cooked?

We also have an answer to that. There is no difference in the nutrition content of the cauliflower leaves depending on whether it is raw or cooked. So, in whatever form you feed the leaves to your dog, it will get the same nutrition. But, since a dog’s digestive zone is short as compared to a human being’s digestive zone, it is better to cook the leaves before feeding your dog. You can boil, steam, roast, bake, or grill the cauliflower leaves for giving your dog a treat.

How much cauliflower leaves should you feed your dog?

If your doggy has not tried cauliflower leaves before, then it is better, to begin with, a little portion. You should decide the portion of the leaves according to your dog’s size.

Will it be ok to feed cauliflower leaves to your dogs daily?

Well! The answer to this question is very simple. Just compare it with yourself and you will get the answer. When a new food is introduced to you, then do you eat the food daily? Nay! You eat the food occasionally and make your digestive system get adjusted to it. And, once you get adjusted to the new food, you increase the frequency of its consumption.

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The same thing applies to your dog as well. If cauliflower leaves are a new kind of food for your dog, then avoid giving them to your dog daily. On the contrary, increase the frequency of its consumption gradually for your dog. And, your dog’s digestive system will get adjusted to the food. However, if your dog has already get habituated with this food, then nothing to worry about. You can give a small portion of this food (or in moderation) to your doggy daily. But, don’t add more than 50 grams of cauliflower leaves to your dog’s diet, if your dog is having it on a daily basis.

Precautions on feeding your dogs with cauliflower leaves

Cauliflower leaves are no doubt a healthy as well as luscious choice for your dog. But, some precautions are needed to be followed in this regard. Excess feeding of these leaves can make your pet gassy and it may also lead to bowel irregularity. So, limit the intake of this food for your dog

Also, it will be better to introduce this food in the cooked form to your doggy rather than in the raw form. It will keep your dog away from any digestive problems.

And, to be realistic, though feeding cauliflower to your pet is a nice idea, it is definitely not essential for your dog. So, you may also choose this food to give some occasional treats for your doggy.

Our Verdict

Thus, Cauliflower leaves are totally safe for your dog, provided you maintain the above precautions. Especially, if your dog is lean and weak, then the vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus in them will make it strong. But, don’t force the food on your dog to make it stronger. It will have the opposite effect on your dog. Just try to make the food tasty by cooking it in different styles, and your dog will happily feed it. Also, if you have any doubt regarding this diet for your dog, take the advice of a vet. He will guide you through it.

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