Are Choke Collars Bad For Dogs?

Men and dogs have a long history to share. Latter is one of the most reliable pets that men have known since yesteryears. Though a wild animal by origin, dogs take a little training to adjust to a civilized setting rather quickly. It is a well-known fact that various dogs’ breeds are differentiated on the grounds of trainability.

Accordingly, trainers employ various training tools as correctors for training and taming this animal. One such training support that has always been a matter of discussion is a choke collar.

In this post, we intend to discuss the pros and cons of using a choke collar and will assess whether it is necessary at all to use this corrective measure or not.

Pros of using choke collar

Choke collar has received flak from all sections of pet owners. So, we are not going to talk at length about its pros. If you understand the structure and functioning of a choke collar, you will find its flaws. Actually, if the dog has the tendency to pull himself away as resistance to any command, the grip of this collar tends to become tighter. For obvious reasons, it is not a good option to consider.

There are various types of collars available on market. And they are designed to offer control to the owner while they take the dog out to walk or to play in the garden. Mostly, owners will need to ensure that their dog is not a source of danger to others. It is exactly why the use of collars is almost a mandate.

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But, before jumping on to the choice of choke collar for your dog, just take a step back and think again. And try to recollect the cons of using a choke collar that we are mentioning here in our next segment.

Cons of choke collar for dogs

Choke collar looks something like this, should you know this as a new parent:

choke collar

Isn’t the look scarier enough to avoid it for your dog? If the look only could not help you make a decision, here are some must-know disadvantages:

  • Requires extra caution while handling: Just a few points up on the pressure scale, and you may have an emergency that finds you regretting the decision of buying choke collar for your dog. The design is such that it may cause tracheal constrictions if the dog tries to pull.
  • Not a good option for a starter: If you are dealing with a dog as a new family member for the first time, you may end up erring horribly while using this collar for your furry companion. The working mechanism is a bit faulty and keeps on tightening with every pull. It is not the case with other collar options where loosening takes place natually after a pull.
  • Affects dog’s psychology badly: Your pet is most likely to develop negative associations with this collar because of the discomfort it offers. So, your dog wouldn’t be entirely to blame if it shows certain degree of aggression as soon as he spots this collar in your hand.
  • Lack of any safety feature: Though it may look easy to strap this collar around the dog’s neck, it is not the best thing to use. Since there is no safety feature provided, the dog is always at danger. Accordingly, you will not have your peace of mind while walking the dog out.
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What to do to ensure safety while choosing a choke collar for your dog?

Despite all the issues, the fact still remains that choke collars are not completely out of the market. So, if you have got the one or felt fascinated by it due to any said reason, it is advisable to employ these steps while strapping it across your pet:

  • First of all, never be in hurry while buying the one for your dog.
  • When picking the collar, ensure that the collar is loose enough to move freely up and down the dog’s neck
  • While fastening, ensure that both rings meet and create enough mobility. With better practice, you can devise safe methods of using this collar, if changing it immediately is not the choice you have.
  • Try not to strap the collar while training the dog to exercise or to learn commands or teach games. It can help avoid accidents as both the parent and the dog may get overenthusiastic, leading to unfollowing of safety measures though not on purport.

Options safer than a choke collar

A collar is a must to use while walking the dog outside or in a public place. Other than choke collars, there are a few options worth trying. Those are:

  • Martingale Collar: It is made of two loops, one bigger than the other. When pulled, the smaller loop is tightened, but the pressure on the neck is not too strong. Hence, it is safer alternative to choke collar.
  • Head halter: Quite similar to horse’s halter in appearance and function, it is a good thing to try for using in place of collars that otherwise come with a few dreadful consequences.
  • Pinch collar: It is suitable for dogs that tend to pull themselves away often. Though its appearance may look bit complicated, it is not much harmful for the dog and offers good grip.
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Wrapping up,

Choke collar is not something coming from an intelligent space if we see its pros and cons. People may be buying it out of the need for something easier to handle or being affordably priced, but the final vote goes against it due to the harm it does. So, try to look for better alternatives or at least learn to use a choke collar like a pro before using it for your dog.

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