Belgian Malinois Vs Doberman: Clash between the bonhomous laddie and the devoted defender

Are you someone who absolutely adores big dogs? Do you want to get a guard dog home? The chances are that you might be confused between a German Shepherd and a Doberman. While these two are totally different breeds, they have some uncanny similarities that confuse most dog lovers.

In this post, we will talk about how similar these two breeds are, how friendly each of them is, their distinct habits, and much more. All these factors will help you make a better and more informed choice if you want to get a furry friend home.

Belgian Malinois vs Doberman

While thinking of getting big and tough dogs home, Belgian Malinois and Doberman are one of the top choices of pet lovers. However, knowing their differences and similarities becomes a crucial task.

1. Size Difference

Talking about differences, both of these dogs differ in size and weight. The weight of a female Belgian Malinois is somewhere around 40-60 lbs, while a male Belgian Malinois weighs approximately 60-80 lbs.

doberman sitting

On the other hand, a female Doberman is 60-90 lbs, and a male one can be anywhere between 75-100 lbs. Hence, Dobermans are generally bulkier and weigh more than Belgian Malinois.

belgian malinois jumping

Dobermans are bigger in size, too, as their average height is somewhere around 66-71 cm, while that of a Malinois is 55-66 cm.

2. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is a crucial factor taken into consideration while comparing the two breeds. While this factor depends mostly on health conditions, diet, living conditions, and exercise, but the average life expectancy of a Malinois is more than that of a Doberman, as a Malinois can live up to 16 years, but a Doberman has a life span of 12 years.

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3. Behavior Traits

A Belgian Malinois and Doberman are both considered to be tough dogs that are perfect guards. In fact, many of these are also police dogs since they are extremely alert and agile. However, let’s look at some physical qualities of each of these breeds to get an idea as to how similar or different they both are –

4. Price

While both these breeds are sort of rare, however, a Doberman costs more than a Malinois when it comes to buying, if you are not adopting one. Both of these breeds are considered to be on a costlier side, however, comparing the two, if not adopted, a Doberman will cost you a little more than a Malinois.

5. Energy Levels

We all love dogs that are playful and active. Talking about these two breeds, both are energy bundles and are extremely playful. This is the biggest similarity that these two have in common. High on energy and low on maintenance, these two breeds are the epitome of energy.

belgian malinois playing
Belgian malinois

6. Training Requirement

Talking about the training, both these breeds need heavy and extensive training. These can be easily trainable, even to an extent that they can serve as great home dogs and guard dogs. Training them is not a very tedious task, and can easily be done by an experienced owner or your local trainer.

Doberman Training

7. Intelligence

Malinois and Doberman, both are intelligent breeds and are extremely affectionate towards their owner. If your house has children, these breeds will be overprotective towards them. The friendliness with strangers is not much though, but with family, they are the sweetest.

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Which Breed Is Better For You?

People who love big dogs are a fan of both Belgian Malinois and Dobermans. If you are on this page, chances are you, too, are confused as to which one to get home to. However, from training to grooming, which of these two breeds would be perfect for you?

If you are a new owner, A Doberman can be a good choice for you. Whereas Belgian Malinois are not generally recommended for first-timers. 

If you have children at home, and you really want to see your pet bonding with your little one, we must tell you that both these breeds are great for children. However, in comparison, Doberman is more affectionate and is more child-friendly.

Talking about grooming, Dobermans are easier to groom; however, a Belgian Malinois is also not very high maintenance and would need a bath or a comb once in a while. 

If you live in an apartment and are thinking of getting a Belgian Malinois, we must warn you, this could not be the best idea, as this breed needs a yard to play and to be active. If you are living in an apartment, a Doberman could still be a fine choice for you. 

Living weather conditions and temperature is intense criteria when it comes to selecting a breed. While both breeds can live in up to 80-degree Fahrenheit, but if you live in a hotter place, a Doberman could be a better pick for you.

Summing Up

While both breeds can be an excellent pick as both of them are super protective and affectionate towards their owner, especially children, however, comparing little specifications about these furry members are important. We hope that these similarities and differences help you pick the right breed!

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