Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth With Onions?

What is that one thing which we think is the healthiest for our dogs? We’re sure you are thinking about Chicken! Chicken is considered one of the healthiest meals for dogs, as it contains high amounts of proteins and all the goodness that your furry friend needs.

When it comes to feeding your dog some chicken, some people like to give it in the form of chicken broth, as they consider it to be a healthier option. But, no one loves a plain and simple broth, not even our dogs. So, what all can you add to the broth to make it even tastier? Some dog parents add in onions, thinking it will add a lot of flavor to the chicken broth. However, is that flavor worth it? Can dogs eat chicken broth with onions? And are onions a safe option for your four-legged members?

Let’s find out the answer to all these by carefully analyzing a few points.

Chicken Broth For Your Dog

Chicken broth is a preferred meal option for a lot of pet parents, especially if the dog is unwell or is a picky eater. If you ask, is chicken broth safe for my dog? The answer to this is a straight YES.

Chicken broth is nutritious and delicious. This bone-based broth is great for the liver, kidney, and digestive systems of dogs. However, a lot of people try to add seasonings, herbs, and other add-ons to make it more sumptuous so that the dog does not throw any tantrums while having the chicken broth.

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We humans generally love to add onions to our meals to give them a punch of flavor. The same is done many times with the chicken broth that we serve to the dogs. But, what is healthy and beneficial for us, might not always be the healthiest option for the dog. So, is onion one of those add-ons which should never be added to the chicken broth?

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth With Onions?

We all know that there are certain food items like chocolates, tuna steaks, and pecan pies which are a strict NO-NO for our dogs. But, certain vegetables like peas and corns are great for them. So, which list does onion go to? Does it go to the ‘never feed your dog this’ list, or does it land up in the ‘must add in the meal’ list?

While chicken is considered to be one of the best protein sources for the dogs, can chicken be mixed with onions and served to the dog? The answer to this is still a big NO. This is because onions can be extremely toxic for dogs. Even a little bit of onion can pose a risk to your little dog’s health.

Chicken And Onions – A Fatal Combination?

Onions are extremely harmful to dogs, as they are considered to be super toxic for these furry friends. Onions contain an oxidant called n-propyl disulfide, which can damage the red blood cells to a great extent.

If you are feeding your dog large amounts of onions, this oxidant bonds to the oxygen molecule and affects the red blood cells, which are then not able to transport oxygen. When this happens, the body of the dog will keep destroying the red blood cells, which can be fatal for these dogs and pups. This is called hemolytic anemia.

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If you are thinking of portion-controlling, that is, just giving a little bit of onion to your dog once in a while, it might happen that it wouldn’t react then and there, but this toxic will keep building up inside the body and one fine day, will burst up creating serious damage.

Onions in all and any form would be harmful to your dogs – cooked, fried, raw, juice, and even powder. Some people think onion powder can be given to the dogs as it is not real onion, but the truth is that onion powder, too, is equally hazardous for the dog.

What If My Dog Ate Chicken Broth With Onion By Mistake?

Being pet parents, one needs to be extremely careful about what their dog is eating. The vet should be your best friend when it comes to feeding your dog anything new or while experimenting. If you fed your dog some chicken broth with onion by mistake, look out for these symptoms –

  • Pale Gums
  • Dark Urine
  • Unsteady Breathing
  • Disbalance
  • High Heart Rate
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting

If your dog shows any of these symptoms, do not think twice and rush to a vet so that its life can be saved in time.

In such cases, where you accidentally fed your dog something and realized it was something not to be given, make sure to induce vomiting, to take that onion out from the system of the dog, as it can be extremely harmful to the organs of the dog. If you are getting the store-bought chicken broth, make sure to check the ingredient list carefully. Just make sure onion is not used in ingredients in any form.

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Benefits Of Chicken Broth For Dogs

Chicken broth, when made properly and served without any toxic and poisonous add-ons, can be the best meal for your dog, especially for those dogs that are ill or are picky eaters. Just add a little broth to their meal for the extra punch of taste and nutrition.

This is a low-calorie meal option for the dog, which is rich in nutrients and provides a lot of essential minerals to the dogs. The broth is protein-rich, as it is made from chicken, but it is still easily digestible, so it can even be served to sick dogs. Chicken broth is high in anti-inflammatory properties, which keeps the dog healthy and super happy.

Chicken broth is bliss for dogs, as it keeps the digestive system of the dogs in place and promotes gut health. Being high in moisture, the chicken broth also provides the dog with extra hydration, keeping dehydration at bay.

Our Verdict

Chicken broth is great for dogs, especially if made at home. You need to add some chicken with water in a pan and put the heat on. Just simmer it for a few hours, and remember never to add any risky toppings or add-ons, especially garlic and onion. A few food items belong to the red list for the dogs, and sadly, onion is one of them. So, Keep the onion away from your dog’s chicken broth. Moreover, If you are feeding it the ready-made one, always check the ingredient list thoroughly.

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