Can Dogs Eat Coconut Flour?

Dogs are always intrigued to try human food, and we humans, too, are always on the lookout for something healthy for our dogs. From multigrain bread to chapatis in Indian households, we try to feed our furry friends everything that is good for them. Another flour that is supposed to be super healthy for us humans is coconut flour. Enriched with all great nutrients, minerals, and everything healthy, a lot of us have switched to this flour for health reasons and to be gluten-free.

But is this flour equally healthy for our four-legged members? It is true that many dog parents are indulging in pet treats made up of coconut flour for their dogs. But is it really worth the hype? Is it something that should be going inside your dog? Let’s dig deep and find out if coconut flour would really be beneficial for your furry member.

Since we know that coconut flour is made up of coconut, let’s first comprehend if dogs should eat coconut or not.

Coconut For Dogs – Healthy Or Not?

Coconut flour is made by grinding the pulp of the coconut into a fine powder. Hence, it’s important to see if coconut is good for dogs or not. Many of us dog parents often think if coconuts are safe and beneficial for our furry four-legged members or not? The answer to this is a sure shot YES!

Coconut is great for dogs. It is absolutely non-toxic for all dogs. It contains lauric acid, which decreases inflammation. It is also packed with antioxidants, which help boost the immunity system. Moreover, it is great for the skin and the fur of dogs.

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However, it also has properties that have medium-chain triglycerides, which can cause negative impacts on the body of the dog-like gastrointestinal issues, digestive issues, and bloating.

So, if coconut is a go-ahead for our lovable dogs, is coconut flour too okay to give?

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Flour?

A lot of us humans are shifting our focus from wheat and all-purpose flour to coconut flour to eat clean and gluten-free. Many of us want the same for our dogs. But everything that is good for us need not necessarily be good and healthy for the dogs too. So, is coconut flour beneficial for our dogs? Let’s find out if it is a hit or a pass! 

Coconut flour is made from the coconut itself. The pulp of the coconut is ground into a fine powder, and that’s when you call it coconut flour. The truth is coconut flour is excellent for dogs. Being high in plant proteins and fiber, this is a fabulous gluten-free choice for dogs. Aside from being nutritious, healthy, and wholesome, it is also super tasty, just like the flesh of coconuts.

Being rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium, this flour is a great option for all dogs. However, just like coconut, this too has medium-chain triglycerides, which can be a bit of a concern if you are feeding your dog this flour too often. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to consult the dog’s vet before adding this into their diet.

Benefits Of Coconut Flour

Now that we have established that coconut flour is amazing for dogs let’s see what all benefits it provides to our furry friends. Made ground coconut meat, it is low in carbs and a gluten-free option for dogs. Being high in plant-based protein and great in fiber, this acts as a healthy option for most dogs.

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Another great thing about this flour is that the continuous consumption of this flour can decrease blood sugar levels, which is great for dogs who have a persistent tendency of having high sugar.

Moreover, coconut flour is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, amino acids, calcium, and potassium. With so many vitamins and minerals, you can imagine what wonders it can do to the health of your little dog.

It is also true that coconut flour might cost you a few extra bucks, but the benefits are purely worth the extra money that you are paying. However, just be careful as this can be fattening for a few breeds, as it has a high number of calories. So make sure to consult the dog’s vet before indulging in coconut flour for your dog.

Hence, just like dried coconut, and coconut yogurt, coconut flour too, is a great healthy option for your dogs.

What Other Flours Are Good For Our Furry Friends?

We live in times where we have endless options when it comes to food. From almond flour to oat flour to coconut flour, there are a ton of options available today. Let’s look at some other options and compare them with coconut flour to see the best fit option.

Almond Flour

For dogs that are allergic to wheat flour, almond flour is one of the best substitutes. Being high in protein and low in carbohydrates, this flour is amazing when it comes to your dog’s health. This flour contains vitamin E, copper, proteins, and fiber, along with some great minerals.

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Oat Flour

Oat flour is a great option if you are into baking goodies for your dogs. Being low in sugar, gluten-free, full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this flour is the first choice for most dog parents.

Tortilla Flour

Be it a taco or tortillas; this flour is not such a great option for dogs. So it is always better to keep these treats to yourself. These are neither high in quality, not nutritionally dense; therefore, if your dogs are not eating this flour, it is not missing out on anything.

Whole Wheat Flour

Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, this flour contains loads of antioxidants which are great for dogs. However, some dogs are gluten intolerant. Probably not a good option for them.

Let’s now compare these flours and find out if coconut flour is really the richest of them all. Please note, All the quantities are per 100gm.

Coconut Flour20g33.3g400Kcal60g
Oat Flour13.33g10g400Kcal73.33g
Whole Wheat Flour13.2g10.7g340Kcal72g
Almond Flour21.43g7.1g607Kcal21.43g


Our Verdict

A lot of dog parents are switching their dog’s flour from wheat to coconut. In our opinion, coconut flour is surely a hit, as it contains everything good. However, the frequency and the quantity should be kept in mind, or should be consulted with a vet, so that this healthy option does not harm your furry friend; rather, it provides all the goodness.

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