Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries?

Cranberries and dried cranberries are gaining all the hype these days. Some people even swear by it as they have excellent antioxidant properties. Both in the raw form and the dehydrated form, this fruit is great as it also has immune-boosting nutrients. But can these dried cranberries be served to the dogs as well?

They sure are great for humans, but will they give the same benefits to the dogs, or just be the opposite for them? Many dog parents habitually feed everything from their plates to their dogs without realizing that not everything that is great for us can be good for the dogs. So, are dried cranberries one of these things, or does it have the same benefits for the dogs, too?

Dried Cranberries For Dogs – Good or Not?

It is undeniable that cranberries are great for humans. We love to snack on them, add them to our desserts, and even eat them as part of our breakfast. Many dogs just crave some human food and fruits, but should all that be given to the dog? The answer would be NO.

But can your dog also enjoy some great dried cranberries with you? The answer to this is a YES. But, like human foods, this snack should also be served in moderate quantities. Just like dried pineapples, and other fruits in their dehydrated forms, dried cranberries too can be given to dogs, but in reasonable quantities.

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While this superfood is not toxic for the dogs, giving these in large quantities to the dogs can sometimes upset their stomach. Moreover, the store-bought packs are mixed with raisins, which are highly harmful to the dogs. While giving the dogs some cranberry, make sure you don’t give whatever falls out from the packet. Your approach should be to carefully see what you are actually pouring into the bowl of your dog.

Another concern why dried cranberries should be served in limited amounts is that a lot of times while dehydrating, these fruits lose their sweetness, and they are later injected with sugar to make them a little sweet. Now, we all know how harmful sugar can be for dogs. Hence, always form a habit of reading ingredients and thoroughly examining what you are about to serve your dog. Nonetheless, dried cranberries, when given in moderation, are great for the dogs.

Benefits Of Dried Cranberries For Dogs

Cranberry and all its forms, including dried cranberries, are known to be high in antioxidant properties, which will keep the dog healthy for a longer time and protect its immune system from many diseases and infections.

Rich in vitamin C, potassium, and other minerals, these dried cranberries are great for dogs when given in moderation. Quite a few of us might think that during the process of dehydration, the cranberry might lose its essence of being healthy. But sadly, that’s not the truth. While, in some cases, sugar might be induced artificially, but these cranberries are still super healthy even in their dried-up form.

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Being low in calories and high in fiber value, dried cranberries also help protect the dog from certain gastrointestinal diseases. It also lowers the risk of developing stroke, diabetes, and even heart diseases. Dried cranberries have proven to improve the bladder health of dogs and have also helped in UTI cases in dogs as they fight bacteria and many other infections.

Now, you might be thinking that if dogs can eat cranberries and dried cranberries, can they also have cranberry sauce and juice?

Cranberry Juice and Sauce for Dogs

If your dog loves the crunch of the dried cranberries, chances are they will love the sauce and the juice too. But is it something that can be given to the dogs? Well, this is something which can be given but should be avoided.

Dogs can have Cranberry sauce and juice but in little to moderate quantities. The sauce and juice will indeed provide your dog with the same benefits, but these benefits will come with a few risks too. These sauces and juices can be high in sugar and cause a lot of problems for the dogs. Moreover, some juices recipes also include grapes, raisins, etc., which are super harmful and poisonous for the dogs.

Moreover, some store-bought juices can also have traces of alcohol to give them a punch of flavor. Alcohol is something that is a BIG NO-NO for dogs. Hence, in our opinion, dogs should be kept far away from these store-bought juices. It is essential to understand that these juices and snacks are made for us, keeping in mind what we can have and what is safe for us. So, a lot of thought and research must be done to feed that exact same thing to the dog.

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If you want, you can stir up some nice cranberry juice or make some sauce for the dog at home if they do not like the dried ones or the whole cranberries.

Our Verdict

All in all, dried cranberries are great for dogs, but only if given in reasonable quantities. However, it’s always good to consult the vet first before experimenting and giving something new to the dog. Moreover, it’s great if your dog can eat the whole cranberry without it being dehydrated or ground into a liquid form. Nonetheless, dried cranberries make an easy, mess-free, and economical treat for your dog, which can be given to it every once in a while.

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