Can Dogs Eat Dried Dates? Are these Sweet Treats Okay for Furry Member?

We often try to slip in some tasty sweet treats to our dogs, every once in a while, without thinking whether they are suitable for our furry friends or not. Dates, too, can be one of these. These dates are indeed low in fat, free of cholesterol, and full of nutrients and vitamins.

Another form of dates that we all love is dried dates, which too have similar nutrient value. These dried dates are easy to digest also. But all these advantages are human-specific. Do dates and dried dates have the same benefits for our four-legged members too?

Are these sweet treats worth the taste for the dogs when it comes to their health? Let’s find out by carefully analyzing the pros and cons of dates for dogs and then hop on to dried dates.

Dogs and Dates – Healthy or Vicious?

We, humans, love dates for all the right reasons. When it comes to nutrition value, these dates are highly health-giving as they contain some great vitamins and minerals, along with some amazing fiber. Dates are also easy to digest. So are these dates good for the dog?

The answer to this question is YES. Dates are fine for the dogs, as long as they are served in moderate quantities. One thing is clear that these treats will not harm your dog, but when given in large amounts and on a daily basis, they can be pretty hazardous.

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Many people are skeptical about giving dates to their dogs, as they think that since raisins are not to be given to dogs, in a similar way, dates too should be kept far away from the dogs. However, this is not true. Dates are perfectly okay for the dog, only if given in limited amounts.

If dates are healthy for the dog, is the case similar to dried dates?

Can Dogs Eat Dried Dates?

All dog parents are on a mission to find something healthy and super nutritious for their dogs. One of the things which can be included in this list is Dried Dates. These treats will satisfy their hunger pangs and provide them with sufficient vitamins, minerals, and basically, everything excellent. These dried dates are one of the safer options for your dogs if you want to indulge in frequent award-giving.

Just like dates, Dried dates have similar health benefits. The only difference is that they are dehydrated. This means that they might lose out on the natural sugar which is there in the dates. Due to this, many times, a lot of sugar might be induced in the dried dates. Therefore, it becomes indispensable for you to limit the frequency of feeding dried dates to your dog.

In this article, we will also tell you how frequently your dogs should eat dried dates. But before, let’s carefully evaluate the various benefits of this exotic treat.

Benefits of Dried Dates

Dates, and dried dates, both are amazing for humans. But do they have the same nutrition value for the dogs as well?

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Well, dates are great for dogs if given in moderation. These nature’s candies contain vitamins like A, B, and C. They also have calcium, iron, magnesium and are rich in potassium and other dietary fiber.

These vitamins and minerals support the immune system of the dog and keep their health in check. Since they are rich in fiber, they also keep the digestive system running and going.

All in all, dates are super good for dogs. But the bottom line still remains, that they should be given in moderation. Let’s also understand in what frequency should Dates be given to dogs?

How Often Should Dried Dates Be Given To Dogs?

First thing first, dates should not be kept at a place that is very easily accessible to dogs. The chances are that if your dog relishes them, they are most likely to binge on them, which might result in adverse health impacts.

Just like dried cranberries and dried pineapple, the right way to serve dates to your dog is to give them as rewards every once in a while. One dried date every 2-3 days will never harm your four-legged member. However, if you feed large quantities every 2-3 days, then you must comprehend the consequences of the same.

Health Hazards Of Feeding Too Many Dried Dates To Dogs

Dates and dried dates, both, are exceptional when it comes to having nutritional benefits. But, at the same time, these dates have an incredibly high sugar content, which can be bad for the dogs. Feeding the dogs too much sugar can result in also being fatal and can increase the blood sugar to a great extent.

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Other problems that the dogs can have because of excessive dates and dried dates are diabetes, weight gain, dental problems, and even digestive problems. Moreover, these treats have high fiber; they can also cause diarrhea if fed in large quantities.

Hence, serving them limited quantities would go a long, long, long way.

Our Verdict

In a nutshell, dried dates are suitable for dogs if you swear to feed them these sweet treats in super limited quantities. One date as a reward every once in a while would never harm your furry friend. In fact, it would rather keep it healthy and fit as a fiddle. The thumb rule of serving dried dates should be keeping them regular but limited.

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