Can dogs eat fox nuts [Makhana]?

Paying gratitude to god is important for creation of ‘Dogs’ who are not only our pets but a portrayal of pure bliss and compassion. When we talk about affection and compassion for dogs, the first step we should take care of is their well-being. 

Everything has its nature. What fits humans doesn’t fit dogs. 

Here! We are about to explore whether dogs can eat ‘Foxnut’ or not. 

Foxnut is also recognized as Euryale Ferox, lotus seeds, and Makhana for the South Asian tongue. The seeds are known to be highly nutritious and edible. Studies show that lotus flower seed provides nutritional value to animals and humans. 

Edibility of Nuts                               

Research on the consumption of nuts suggests that it is caloric-dense and fatty that shouldn’t be consumed daily. Most pet owners do not feed nuts to prevent side effects. Nuts can be harmful with a long-lasting health impact, especially in the intestine. It is noticed that pets develop pancreatitis after consuming nuts without a correct label. Dogs being delicate, are affected mainly by fatty diets and can turn out to be a threat. 

When we talk about ‘Nuts,’ it might sound like a vague expression because many kinds start from peanut, tree nuts, cashews, or Brazil nuts. Mycotoxins are hazardous and found in foodstuffs like nuts can cause serious issues such as celiac disease, liver disorder, etc. 

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Undoubtedly it is a tempting fact that we want our pets to be treated the same way as other family members. We like to feed them the same food we eat daily but unfortunately, what’s healthy for you isn’t good for your dog. Instead, healthy human food is sometimes toxic for your dog. Therefore, it is important to have the right knowledge before any food experiment on your dog. 

List of Nuts that are NON-TOXIC

1. Peanuts


Technically, peanuts being a part of the legume family, can be consumed by dogs in small amounts as it has no health hazard until and unless they are unsalted and unseasoned peanuts. It must be noted that peanuts have high fat, which can lead to an imbalance of digestion in dogs. While choosing peanuts, the sugar substitute xylitol must be taken care of as it is toxic for dogs.

2. Pecans


With a mild floral and forestry aroma, Pecan is consumable for dogs, but the fat content is not ideal for pets. Pecans include a juglone that is enough to create a threat when eaten as a whole. Pecan has a high-fat content that leads to potential dangers to dogs which need to ingest a lot of them. Moreover, we already discussed in one of our posts explaining why giving pecan pie to your dog might be not a good idea.

3. Pistachios


Apart from the fact that pistachio is not considered toxic, it is still not a good option for dogs for the cause of pancreatitis. Most studies suggest that pistachios must be avoided for feeding canines. 

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4. Cashew


Moderation is important when you are feeding the dog with edible nuts, and Cashew is one of them that should never be given as raw. Sometimes raw has toxic content, and roasted cashew decreases the level of toxins. Apart from this size of the cashew can be a choking hazard for dogs.  

The risk of Pancreatitis

Research is the primary task when we think about feeding our dogs because any experimentation could cause gastrointestinal diseases. Dogs have fragile and sensitive stomachs and can quickly develop pancreatitis. 

Such condition causes irritation and inflammation that cannot be treated without a veterinarian. A consequence of developing pancreatitis includes fatigue, less or no appetite, puking, and diarrhea.  

Coating of Nuts

Some nuts come with coats of cocoa, and some have flavored coats of spices with high salt content. The flavored nuts are not edible for dogs because the GI present can lead to a health hazard. 

In chronic cases, dogs can develop high blood pressure for the high salt content in food. In dogs with the tendency to develop urinary stones or any other underlying heart or kidney disease, high salt content can worsen the condition.

The Verdict

Dogs can eat nuts, but that has to be moderate. The nut is not a rich source of nutritional value for the dog as they have for humans. There are variant options that can be fed to the dog and are perhaps a great choice for your dog. It has to be noted that dogs that are overweight should avoid nuts.

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