Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice?

Just like us, our pets often crave variety in their food. If you have been feeding your dog the same food for a long time, you can consider adding something new and interesting which will also be nutritious for them. Choosing to experiment with natural food is the best option because it will not only introduce your dog to a new taste but also enhance their health. Rice can be a good option for this. 

Can your dog eat Jasmine Rice?

Jasmine rice is a form of long-grain aromatic white rice. It is completely safe for your pet. Dogs can eat rice and generally because rice is consumed by a huge human population, many house pets are already accustomed to it. Dogs can be fed all varieties of rice. Jasmine rice is Thai soft-grained rice and has a subtle floral aroma, which is why it is named so. It is easily available and quite affordable. It has several health benefits for dogs as well.

Benefits of Jasmine Rice for your Dog

Jasmine Rice is aromatic rice that has the same components as regular rice. Most dogs have no problem with the taste of grains and it is healthy for them. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of Jasmine Rice for your dog –

  1. Aids digestion – Rice is a great source of insoluble fibre which helps in keeping the digestive tract clear. Due to that, digestive abilities increase and leads to better digestive health. If your pet suffers from digestion related problems or often has trouble with gut health, this might be a good natural ingredient that you can add to their diet. 
  1. Energy-rich food – Rice is consumed as breakfast by human beings all over the world. The reason for that is, rice is a great source of energy because it contains a good quantity of carbohydrates. The case is the same for your dog as well. If you have a dog who runs out of energy just after walking for a block or running around for a few minutes, you might consider feeding him some rice before his playtime. Another good thing about this is the fact that your dog will derive the energy from a completely clean source, unlike dog foods which have added preservatives. 
  1. Improves brain functioning – Jasmine rice has low fat and cholesterol levels. Both of these are detrimental to the brain health of dogs. This is the reason why dogs shouldn’t be fed snacks that are high in fat or cholesterol. Feeding Jasmine Rice as an alternative to other food items which has more content can positively impact the brain functioning of your dog in the long run.
  1. Helps is bowel movement – Like any other kind of rice, Jasmine rice also contains a good quantity of resistant starch. This is a great benefit for dogs. Resistant starch in rice promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. This helps lead to good intestinal health and ultimately leads to better bowel movements. So, if your dog has been facing issues such as irregular bowel movements, you can include some Jasmine Rice in his diet. 
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How to feed Jasmine Rice to your Dog?

Cooked rice is the only way you can feed your dog. You might think that rice grains can be a good thing for your dog to munch on but that isn’t the case. Uncooked rice can cause serious problems. Plain-cooked rice is good to go for your dog. You can serve it with steamed or boiled vegetables or accompanied with some meat-based wet food. However, in case you want to make something special for your dog, you can try out this recipe which is both healthy and tasty. Homemade simple food is the best for dogs. 

Chicken and Vegetable Rice


This simple recipe, packed with natural nutrition will surely become your dog’s favourite in no time. 

Step 1 – Take some Jasmine Rice and wash it thoroughly. Cook it in a rice cooker or boil it on a stove. You can use the microwave as well. Follow the instructions on the package. 

Step 2 – Wash and cut the meat and vegetables into small pieces. 

Step 3 – You can also add your dog’s favourite beans. In that case, wash and pressure cook the beans. 

Step 4 – In a skillet, take a small quantity of olive oil and pour in the vegetables and meat. Stir for some time and cover and cook until both the meat and veggies are cooked to perfection. 

Step 5 – Once the vegetables and meat are cooked properly, add the cooked rice and the beans to the mixture. Stir thoroughly. Add some water and let it simmer. 

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Step 6 – Add a pinch of dried rosemary powder for some added flavor. 

Let it sit for some time and serve it to your pet. You can add any source of protein to the dish, depending on what your pet likes. You can also replace the meat with other varieties but in that case, keep in mind that certain forms of meat take more time to cook properly. In that case, you can boil the meat beforehand. This recipe is packed with grains, meat, and vegetables and makes for a complete balanced meal. 

Important things to keep in mind about Jasmine Rice. 

Although Jasmine rice is perfectly safe and healthy for your dog, there are certain things that you should keep in mind –

  1. Always consult your dog’s vet before you introduce something new to the diet. Every dog has unique needs depending on health issues, medical history and conditions. It is important to consult an expert before adding or replacing something in the diet. 
  1. Rice should be fed in a fixed quantity to dogs. The amount should be 10% of their daily intake of calories. This is because rice contains a heavy quantity of starch and carbohydrates. Although it is an essential need, excessive quantities can lead to weight gain. This can affect your dog in negative ways. It can lead to inactiveness, joint and muscle pain, and even heart-related diseases. Consulting a vet to understand how much rice intake is safe for your dog is the best idea.
  1. If your dog suffers from hyperglycemia, you cannot feed Jasmine rice to them. Hyperglycemia increases the glucose level in a dog’s body and that is the reason, its sugar consumption has to be either limited or eliminated. If you still want to feed your dog some rice, you can do that in a very small portion size, once a month. 
  1. Do not feed raw Jasmine rice to your dog. It is supposed to be well-cooked before you serve it. Uncooked rice can cause digestive trouble and stomach problems. Make sure to cook the rice well before serving. 
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Our Verdict

Yes, Dogs can eat Jasmine rice. It is a good source of essential components and makes your dog active as well. However, keeping everything within the limit is the key. You can try out new recipes and ways to feed it to your dog. However, it can often take some time to adjust to new things. If you have a senior dog who has health concerns, it is always advisable to consult the vet before you include something new. 

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