Can Dogs Eat Mango Skin?

Most of us are die-hard mango lovers, and almost all pet owners love to share this delicious fruit with their dogs. Just like us humans, many dogs too love mangoes. But have you ever wondered if giving your dogs bits and pieces of everything you consume is really a good idea?

Most fruits are tasty and full of nutrients and are also great for health. But it doesn’t mean what’s good for you will be suitable for your furry friend too. Talking about mangoes, a few dogs love mangoes. They are juicy, sweet, and luscious. But are they good for your four-legged family member?

Are Mangoes Safe For Dogs?

While eating anything special, we all are tempted to give bits of it to our dogs; the same happens with this delicious tropical fruit. You might be tempted to share it with your dog but are confused if it’s good for them or not.

Well, let us be clear. Mangoes are absolutely safe for dogs. In fact, it is one of the safest fruits for dogs out there. These fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and have high water content, which makes this a nutritious and hydrating snack for your dog. However, this fruit has a high sugar content, which makes this an occasional snack for your dog, and it should be given in moderation.

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Now that we have established that mangoes are one of the safest fruits for dogs, we must also tell you that not all parts of this flavorsome fruit should be offered to your dog. Yes, we are talking about the skin and the pit.

Can Eating Mango Skin Be Dangerous For My Dog?

Mangoes are great for the dogs- if given in controlled portions occasionally. However, feeding your dog the skin of the mango is not a good idea. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so avoid giving mango skin to your furry friend.

The skin of the fruit is extremely slippery and can pose a choking hazard as it can easily slide through the throat. The other reason why you should not indulge in giving your dog the skin of the mango is because this part of the fruit is not digestible. It can very well cause intestinal blockage, thus harming your dog.

Some dogs can even get an allergic reaction from the skin of the mango, as the skin has an oily compound called urushiol, which is also found in poison ivy and poison oak. This compound, when in contact with your dog’s skin, can give it a serious allergy leading to health issues. The usual signs of this allergic reaction are swelling of the lips and tongue and acute itchiness.

What If My Dog Had The Mango Skin By Mistake?

If you left your dog unmonitored with some mangoes, and it by chance had the skin, should you be worried? Well, the answer to this question is Yes, you should be worried, but only to the extent of keeping a check on it regularly.

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In such a case, always look out for some signs and signals before you get all stressed out. Chances are, your dog might not react to the skin of the mango at all. Always watch out for these signs if your dog accidentally eats up the mango skin. The symptoms quite often disappear on their own. However, if they don’t or become severe, rush to your veterinarian.

In case your dog eats the skin, look out for signs of obstruction and see if the dog is vomiting or having diarrhea. Consult your veterinarian only if your dog is showing some symptoms or signs.

Beware Of The Mango Pits

Most of us might think that taking out the flesh and giving the pit to the dog is a great idea since it could look like a great teething toy. But let us tell you that this could be one of the biggest choking hazards for your little furry member.

So never ever, we repeat, NEVER EVER give the pit of the mango to the dog. Mango pits are surely edible, but they are so tough and slippery that the dog might end up swallowing them and then choking on them.

Your Dog Could Be Allergic To Mangoes

Before feeding your dog some mangoes, make sure that it is not allergic to this fruit. Also, dogs who have conditions like Pancreatitis or diabetes should not be given this fruit as it has a very high sugar content. Such dogs are usually given a specific diet that is assigned by their vet.

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All dog owners, thus, must be sure not to give their dogs the skin of the mango, so here are a few ways how you can feed your little member some mango, which would be absolutely safe and healthy.

Mango Serving Ideas to Avoid Skin and Pit

  • Share some dried mango with your dog, as they are some tasty treats which you can give your dog anytime, but in limited quantity.
  • Make some mango puree, and add it into some yogurt and cottage cheese and serve it to your pup as a snack, however, you must check that you dog is not allergic to lactose and can digest it well.
  • Frozen mango slices work great as snack, specially for little puppies who are teething.
  • Cut little pieces of mangoes, and give it your dog as training treats.
  • Lastly, the old-fashioned way of peeling the mangoes, removing the pit, and cutting the fruit into little slices works the best way.

Other Fruits Which Are Great For Dogs

There are plenty of other fruits which are great for your dog. You can try feeding them these:

  • Watermelon
  • Banana
  • Cranberries
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Pineapple

However, before feeding anything new to your dog, first, give it to them in small quantities to test if they like it and are not allergic to them. Also, make sure to consult your vet before feeding them anything new.

In a nutshell, mangoes are a great fruit when it comes to your dog. However, make sure to give it to them in super-refined quantities at good intervals. Feeding them the skin or letting them play with the pit of the mango is a big NO-NO. Keeping these tasty treats to a minimum should be the goal of all dog owners.

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