Can Dogs Eat Salmon Patties? Is This Yummy Treat Worth The Risk?

Dogs are usually highly fascinated with human food, and we humans also have the habit of feeding them with what we eat every once in a while. Without thinking much, we have the habit of slipping some delicious treats into our dog’s mouth. But is it right and worth the risk? Is human food really safe for our dogs?

As we all know, our food habits are slowly undergoing transitions, as we are developing new food habits and trying out new cuisines and dishes. Should we be introducing our dogs, too, to such new items?

One such new item which is gaining all the hype is the salmon patties. These patties are indeed delicious. And we humans simply love them. But should we also indulge our dogs in this new culinary shift?

Let’s find out by closely analyzing all the factors.

What Are Salmon Patties Made Of?

It is a known fact that dogs are extremely curious animals and are intrigued by the food habits of their owners. So, it is very likely that if a dog owner undergoes some culinary changes, their dog might want to try the new cuisines too, like salmon patties. But is this delicious treat really healthy for our furry friends? We can get to know about this only when we know what salmon patties are made of.

Salmon patties, widely known as salmon cakes, are generally prepared with bread crumbs, chopped onions, and eggs for binding in all patties. The most important ingredient would be Salmon, of course. This could either be canned or fresh.

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So basically, a salmon patty’s main key ingredients are Salmon, bread crumbs, onions, and eggs. Let us see if these ingredients are really health-giving or hazardous? But first, let us analyze whether the key ingredient, Salmon is good and healthy for dogs or not.

Is Salmon Good For Dogs?

Salmon is a popular fish known to be a superfood as it contains a lot of beneficial fats and nutrients. We do understand that it is great for humans, but is it really safe for dogs?

The key ingredient of the Salmon Patties being salmon; here are a few benefits and hazards of giving salmon to your furry friend –

Benefits Of Eating Salmon

Well, salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Among all the other fishes, salmon is one of the healthiest types of fish for our furry friend. It is known to contain vitamins like vitamin A, D, and B- complex. It also contains essential minerals like zinc, potassium, and magnesium. The few benefits of salmon for our dogs are that it helps maintain healthy fur and good skin our dogs.

More than that, it all cures the skin irritation and allergies that your dog might have. It is great for the improvement of joint mobility. Other than that, it is great for arthritis and makes the immune system strong.

Hazards Of Salmon

While we see that salmon can be extremely wholesome for the dog, we should be extremely cautious when providing our dogs with salmon treats. This is because when the salmon is raw or undercooked, it can contain different types of bacteria or parasites, which can harm our dogs and make them extremely sick.

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It can also sometimes contain a worm-like parasite called the fluke, which can develop serious illnesses and leave our four-legged members with salmon poisoning which has side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. Therefore, it is best to serve the dogs properly cooked salmon patties.

However, salmon patties do contain other ingredients too. So, let us look at whether dogs should consume these other ingredients or not.

Are The Other Ingredients Of Salmon Patties Healthy For Your Dog?

Salmon patties contain many other ingredients other than salmon. It contains eggs, onions, and bread crumbs. A few people also add in garlic and other spices to make it more delicious. But are you doing the right thing by giving all of these eatables to your dog?

Talking about eggs, we are already well-versed with how safe eggs are for the dog. The same goes for the bread crumbs. Well, we don’t really see a problem there. However, a dog must never be fed onions as they can be really toxic for the dog. The same goes for other tastemakers and spices.

Moreover, a patty is made by frying it. Too much oil cannot be great for the dog. Hence, the oil part too can be an issue for the dogs. Therefore, a salmon patty that is being prepared for the dog should not contain onions, too much oil, and other spices.

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Patties?

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids; therefore, it is highly nutritious for our dogs, supporting its immune system. Providing salmon patties to our dogs can be a great way of introducing salmon to their diet, provided it does not contain hazardous ingredients like onions, spices, etc.

To add an extra punch of health, we can customize them by combining powdered eggshells and cod liver oil. We can also add some flaxseed in the ground form and some kelp powder. These customizations make the salmon patties extremely tasty and healthy for our furry friends. Moreover, we can avoid too much oil so that the salmon patties only provide the dog with nutrition and none of the damage.

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How Often Can They Eat Salmon Patties?

Now that we know that salmon patties if cooked properly, are great for the dogs, we must also know how frequently can dogs have them.

Well, Salmon is a fish containing low levels of mercury. This means that our dogs can consume salmon patties frequently but in moderate quantities. Excessive quantities of Salmon can cause gastrointestinal diseases and make our dog very sick.

In a nutshell, we can provide our dogs with salmon patties once a week. However, we can provide up to 10gm of Salmon for every 500gm of the dog’s body weight. Any levels above this can be super dangerous.

Our Verdict

Salmon is one food item that can be great for dogs. Since we cannot feed raw salmon to the dogs, giving it to them in the form of a patty can be a great idea. The only thing to be sure of is that it should not contain toxic ingredients like onions, too much oil, and spices. All in all, containing all the right nutrients for our dog, salmon patties can be very healthy for the canine.

However, just like us humans, salmon could not suit a few dogs too. They might develop an allergy, or an adverse side effect, even if the salmon is fully cooked. Therefore, it is advised that you should always consult a vet before indulging in serving your dog some salmon patties.

Moreover, if you are giving your dog a salmon patty for the first time, make sure you give it a little portion of the patty, as you simply do not know how they or their system will react to it.

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