Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Butter and Oil – Is this superfood good for my dog?

All of us who love our four-legged members are super conscious about their diet, and we all make sure to monitor each and everything they eat super closely. But, there are some of us who feed our dogs whatever they have to. This might cause more harm than good to the health of the dog.

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One such thing could be sunflower butter and oil. You might be having these in your meals and thinking that if it is good for you, it would be good for the dog too. But, can dogs eat sunflower butter and oil? We all know that sunflower is great for our bodies, but is it a healthy option for dogs too?

Let’s find out!

Is Sunflower Oil Good For Dogs?

When bringing a dog into the family, it is tough to understand what is good for it and what’s not. Generally, we go by the belief that all healthy food items that we humans eat are edible and healthy for dogs too. But is it really true?

Sunflower oil is known for its numerous benefits, but would it benefit your dog too? The answer to this question is Yes, dogs can eat sunflower oil. In fact, sunflower oil is present in some of the dog treats too. Sunflower oil is known for being low in fatty acids, and that is the reason Veterinarians love it for dogs.

To understand why Sunflower Oil is good for dogs, let’s understand this by looking at some benefits that it provides to our furry members.

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Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is great as it provides the dogs with loads of vitamins and minerals. It is needless to say that sunflower oil is great for dogs in many ways, but only if given in limited quantities. Being rich in Omega-6, the sunflower oil provides essential fatty oils to the dog which its own body cannot make. Omega-6 also helps in hair growth and promotes a healthy immune system, along with the reproductive system.

When applied on paws and the skin, it also makes the paws less dry in winters and the skin glossy and shiny. Moreover, the best part about this oil is that it is super inexpensive and still provides tons of health benefits.

However, there are some cons too, that accompany every good thing. So, we have even listed some concerns for you related to sunflower oil so that you can choose better for your dog.

Concerns Related To Sunflower Oil

We already know that sunflower oil is great for both Humans and dogs, but what we don’t realize is that the best things might not suit the best of us. Some dogs could be allergic to sunflower oil. Hence, before feeding your dog sunflower oil daily, make sure you test it in little quantities, just to check if it is suiting their system or not. Nonetheless, consulting your veterinarian about starting sunflower oil, that too, on a daily basis, would be a good idea.

The bigger concern with sunflower oil is that it has omega 6. It is undeniable that this component of the oil is great for dogs. But the oil is too high in omega-6, which can be harmful if not given in proper proportion to Omega-3. This could be harmful to the dog as it could impact the immune system in a negative way. Also, it can cause inflammation and other dysfunctions in the dog’s body. Hence, always consult a doctor before starting anything new with your pup or dog.

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Now that we have understood that Sunflower oil can be good for the dog, if given smartly and wisely, let’s now understand if Sunflower butter is also good for it or not.

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Butter?

We all love some great spreads like peanut butter, but what we should not do, is give our dogs too much peanut butter, or other treats like peanut butter crackers. Instead, why not indulge in something that is equally tasty but much more nutritious? Yes, we are talking about sunflower butter.

Feeding your dogs some sunflower butter is a great way to compensate some sunflower seeds into their diet. Dog owners can also make this butter at home and feed them as a healthy snack.

While other spreads like peanut butter can be way too risky for the dog, sunflower butter is great for the dogs in plenty of ways. Here are a few benefits of why sunflower butter would be a smart choice for you:

Benefits of Sunflower Butter

Sunflower butter is a great choice, especially if made at home. While other spreads can have high sugar and Xylitol in them, sunflower butter would be absolutely sugar-free, which makes it a great and healthy option for your dog.

Sunflower butter is also great for dogs who have nut allergies. Also, he might not even tell the difference between regular peanut butter and this wholesome sunflower butter.

However, if you are someone who is purchasing this sunflower butter from a grocery store and not making it at home, then make sure to check the ingredient list thoroughly, as your grocery-bought sunflower butter should not have any Xylitol in the list.

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But, if you are making it at home, make sure that the seeds that you are using to make this butter are unsalted and unflavoured, as both these things can take out the main essence of the butter.

As we mentioned, sunflower butter is made from sunflower seeds, so now you might be thinking that can dogs eat sunflower seeds so that you do not have the hassle of making butter out of it? The answer to this question is YES, dogs can eat Sunflower Seeds too. However, you just have to give it to them smartly and correctly.

Sunflower Seeds For Dogs

Sunflower seeds are excellent for dogs, but only when given appropriately. The thing with sunflower seed is that it should always be peeled and should never be salted if you are feeding it to your little furry member.

This is because the outer shell can give your dog gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea, and the high salt content can shoot up his blood pressure, just like humans.

Besides that, sunflower seed is highly nutritious as it is rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, B1, B3, folate, copper, magnesium, and many more nutrients, keeping the dog healthy and happy.

Our Verdict

There is no denying that both sunflower oil and butter are great for the dog if given in small and reasonable quantities. This delicious, healthy snack should be just 10% of his daily calories intake.

All in all, sunflower butter and oil are excellent for the dog, and they can be a healthy snack for your four-legged furry friend. If you have some at home, you can always share it with your pet. Also, you can include drizzles of sunflower oil in it’s meal to make sure your dog is fit, fine, happy, and healthy always!

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