Can Dogs Eat Wild Rice?

If you are a dog parent, being creative with your pet’s food can well be a challenge. Your dog needs proper and balanced nutrition to retain good physical health, have an amazing coat, and stay happy. Dog food is completely fine for consumption as long as it comes from an FDA-approved company. However, you might want to introduce new things to your dog, especially some good old natural, plant-based nutrients. Grains are a good option when it comes to this.

Is it okay to feed wild rice to your dog?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to feed wild rice to your pet. Wild Rice is the grains collected from certain aquatic grasses. There are four different varieties of wild rice and the ones available in the market can often be a mixture of all four kinds.

The grain has been cultivated and harvested for a long time in North America and China. It is not the same as normal white or brown rice. It looks different and tastes distinct as well. It has been a few years since wild rice came to the forefront and fitness enthusiasts have been promoting it since then. Wild Rice is one of the grains that dogs can consume. You needn’t worry about anything if you are planning to introduce wild rice to the diet of your pet. 

Wild Rice is not very different from regular rice when it comes to nutrient content. It has 101 calories for every 100 grams of serving. This is slightly lower than regular white rice or brown rice. Wild rice is also rich in fibre, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Packed with nutrition and essential components, wild rice can be of great benefit to your pet dog. 

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Health benefits of wild rice for your dog

Every dog is unique. They are different in terms of breed, age, physical and mental health, medical conditions, and much more. This is a reason why they have varied nutritional needs and probably dietary restrictions. Wild Rice is a healthy grain that can be fed to dogs. However, you might wonder why to introduce something new to the daily diet of your dog while they already have one. The fact is, a change in diet and the introduction of new tastes can make your pet happy due to the novelty factor. Added to that, wild rice has a wide range of health benefits for dogs. Some of them are –

  1. Rich in Fibre – Wild Rice has a high fibre content. Fibre is the one element that is important for everyone, be it humans or dogs. The fibre in wild rice can help your dog in several ways. Fibre helps in terms of gastrointestinal health. This is because fibre smoothes out the intestinal procedures and therefore helps in bowel movements. Dogs can often become constipated due to a lot of reasons such as not having enough water, having a protein-rich diet and many more. All of these can cause irregular bowel in your pet. Including wild rice can therefore be a wise decision. 
  2. Good source of protein – Every 100 grams of Wild rice contains 4 grams of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient, especially for dogs of growing age. It is a must to include a solid source of protein in your dog’s food because it helps with muscle growth and strength. The required quantity of protein in the daily diet differs from dog to dog, depending on their breed, age, weight and physical activities. However, if your dog belongs to a breed such as the German Shepherd, they might need more protein content in their diet. In that case, Wild Rice can be an amazing plant-based alternative.  
  3. Boosts Immunity – Wild Rice contains a heavy amount of antioxidants. Dogs are generally susceptible to more toxins for various reasons. This is why they need a solid immune system to stay healthy and disease-free. Antioxidants have been proven to slow down the process of cellular molecular ageing. This also means that it improves immune-cell functions. Due to this, Wild Rice can be a good choice for senior dogs or pets who are immunity deficient. It reduces their risks of contracting an infection. 
  4. Improves Bone Health – Calcium and Phosphorus are essential for good bone health in dogs. Wild Rice contains a good quantity of both these nutrients. Due to this, wild rice can prove to be a substantial addition to the diet of a dog who either already has bone-related issues or is a senior. Certain breeds and ages of dogs are hyperactive in daily life. They like to run around, play fetch and be in constant activity. This requires good bone strength. This is where wild rice can be of immense use. 
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How to feed Wild Rice to your pet?

The only way to serve Wild Rice to your dog is by cooking it thoroughly. You cannot serve raw wild rice grains to your god because that will lead to gastrointestinal troubles. The best way to serve wild rice is most simple.

wild rice with chicken and vegetables

You can experiment with different recipes of rice that you might have tried out earlier. One of the simplest ways to serve wild rice to your dog for the first time is by accompanying it with another favorite item. Make some Chicken and Vegetables the way your dog likes them. Add cooked wild rice and add some dried rosemary powder to pack in all the flavors. If your dog likes the taste it’s a green signal for you to go pick up some more from the market. 

Things to keep in mind while feeding wild rice to dogs.

Wild Rice is a great choice of grain for your dog. However, one should always be careful while adding something new to the diet of their pet. The only way to be secure is to take precautions. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when you think of adding Wild Rice to the diet of your dog. 

  1. It is necessary that before you add something new or make some changes to the diet of your dog, that you contact the vet. This is because every dog has special needs depending on its medical history and conditions. Therefore, the pet’s vet must be consulted beforehand. Additionally, the vet will also be able to help you in understanding the quantity of wild rice that can be fed to your dog. 
  2. Do not overfeed Wild Rice to your dog. It contains carbohydrates and fats. Although both of these components are important, an excessive amount can lead to obesity and laziness in some dogs. That is why it is important to understand where to draw the line. 
  3. Never give raw, uncooked wild rice to your dog. If you think Wild Rice can be a good option for small treats or adding to the box of kernels, you are dangerously wrong. Dogs can’t process uncooked grain. That is why you should also make sure that you keep the package of rice away from your dog’s reach. 
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Wild Rice is healthy, simple to make, easy to digest, and widely available. It is a good source of protein, fibre, and antioxidants which makes it not only safe for your dog’s consumption but also extremely beneficial. Go ahead and try your dog’s favorite rice recipe with it, and check out if they like it!

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