Can German Shepherds Eat Oats?

German Shepherds are big dogs who are often very active, happy and fill up the room with a lot of energy. A German Shepherd puppy can grow up in size in no time, and to support their growth, they need a properly balanced meal with all the essential nutrients.

Additionally, due to their size, they need extra care and attention, especially when it comes to food. They can often get moody with the same thing to eat daily, and sometimes you can experiment with adding something new to keep it interesting. 

Is it safe for German Shepherds to eat oats?

Yes, it is safe for German Shepherds to eat oats. There is no need to worry about it. Oats and oatmeal have been consumed by human beings for thousands of years as a breakfast food. It is perfectly safe for dogs as well. It has several health benefits that can help your German Shepherd to become more healthy by filling them with natural nutrition.

As we know, German Shepherds are athletic and active. Running around, playing, learning tricks are some of their favourite activities. All of these require energy. That is why they need a meal that satisfies their protein and fat needs.

Protein should make for 22% of the diet of a German Shepherd. It is not only because of their active nature but also because they need it for proper growth. Fat content in the diet of a German Shepherd is essential for better skin health. It makes the fur shiny, soft and strengthens them. Oats are easily available, simple to prepare, and quite heavy.

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On average, a German Shepherd needs around 1700 calories to 2400 calories, depending on the age, size, and daily activity. With a good quantity of protein and fat, oats make for a healthy and nutritious grain that can be fed to a German Shepherd.  

What are the health benefits of oats for German Shepherds?

Oats have high fibre content. It is a famous dish which is consumed as breakfast all over the world. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that oats are easy to prepare and full of essential nutrients. Just like human beings, oats are also good for dogs, but only in a certain quantity. Any sort of grain should be consumed by a dog within the limit. However, there are several health benefits of oats for dogs. 

  1. Enhances digestion – Oats are high in fibre content and fibre is an essential element that should be included in your German Shepherd’s diet. Fibre aids digestion and ultimately helps in regulating bowel movements as well. Oats are grains that also facilitate better gut health. The rich fibre content helps in clearing the intestinal tract as well. If your German Shepherd suffers from constipation and other related issues, he might need some high fibre content in his daily diet.
  2. Improves skin health – A German Shepherd’s health is reflected, in the kind of fur they have. The shine, strength and look of the coat can tell if your pet has any health issues. Oats are good for the skin and fur. Oats contain high quantities of Vitamins B5 and B9. Along with it the content of minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper and folic acid is also high. All of these minerals are essential for skin health. 
  3. High-Quality protein – German Shepherds have a grand personality and love to be outdoors and being active. Physical movements and playtime makes them intelligent and makes them happy as well. However, the more active your dog is, the more protein they need to make them stronger. And you have to make sure that they get good quality protein. In this case, Oats are the best option, because they don’t only have a high quantity of protein but they are also a natural source and superior in quality
  4. Good diet food – German Shepherds just like many other similar breeds are prone to obesity especially as they age. This happens when they lose interest in activities and choose to stay in their comfort zone. Oats can become a good option in such cases. Oats have a good quantity of carbohydrates. This provides energy that can help your German Shepherd to go out and play. Oats are also filling in nature and keep the dog fulfilled for quite a long time. This makes it easier to keep a check on calorie consumption.  
  5. Helps in regulating cholesterol levels – German Shepherds are prone to obesity. With that comes all sorts of problems be it heart conditions on problems with knees and limbs. Among them, cholesterol is the worst thing that can dangerously affect your dog. Oats have a good quantity of beta-glucan. This aids in heart health. So, in case your dog is prone to cholesterol, you might consider including oats in his diet.  
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Ways to feed oats to your German Shepherd

Oats should always be served cooked. Raw uncooked oats can lead to health complications and have detrimental effects on your German Shepherd. Cooking oats is a very simple task. There are also several ways to serve oats and it’s easy to get confused. Our recommendation will be to observe your pet and understand what kind of cooked food they like and then look for a recipe that will suit the purpose. Here is the simplest and the easiest oatmeal recipe to help you start with. 

Breakfast Blueberry and Flaxseed Oatmeal

Breakfast Blueberry and Flaxseed Oatmeal

Step 1 – Take some old-fashioned rolled oats or some steel cuts. It is best not to use store-bought instant oats which are not as nutritious due to heavy processing. 

Step 2 – Add it to a pan and add drinking water. Cook for 5-6 minutes until the oats are cooked through. It is very important to cook them properly or else it becomes difficult for the German Shepherd to digest them.

Step 3 – Add some blueberries. It is advisable to use fresh berries. Frozen berries also work.

Step 4 – Add some flaxseed powder and fresh or dried herbs. 

Step 5 – Cook it for another 5 minutes on low heat, add water if needed.  

Step 6- Let it cool down for some time and serve it to your dog. 

This easy recipe should tell you if your German Shepherd likes oats or not. Berries (only certain ones) make it tastier and also keep your pet full for quite some time. 

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Important things to keep in mind before feeding oats to a German Shepherd

  1. Each dog has a medical history and nutrition requirements. It is crucial to consult the vet before making any changes to their diet. 
  2. Oats should always be served to a German Shepherd in a fixed quantity, advisably in small portion size.
  3. Never serve raw oats to your pet. 
  4. Oats have a high quantity of carbohydrates and calories. Therefore, if your German Shepherd has a limited calorie diet, and if they suffer from hyperglycemia, then oats are not at all a good option. 

Our Verdict

Oats is a safe and healthy grain that has several health benefits for German Shepherds. If you are thinking of introducing something new, especially natural protein, oats can be your best option. Go ahead and try our recipe to check if your German Shepherd likes it!

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