Can German Shepherds eat Oranges?

They say orange is the happiest color, and when it comes to fruit, the wise one has already stated, “fill it with Vitamin C and prepare to zest up your life”. But is it too rhetorical to ask if your canine buddy specifically German Shepherd can have a piece or two of this citrus delight?

Well, it is both beneficial as well as hazardous for your German Shepherd. The reason we are skeptical about oranges as though these are filled with Vitamin C and dietary fibers, still have peel and seeds that can cause intestinal obstruction. 

Now I personally cannot blame it. We all know for a fact that all things should be in moderation, including moderation. Good news! Your German Shepherd can Chomp on a piece or two of the citrus treat, and it brings us to the next question: how will it benefit our canine buddy?

What good does an orange do to a German Shepherd?

It is safe to feed your German Shepherd with oranges as long as your dog doesn’t have any medical condition or issues. We still recommend it as the right call if you want to consult your vet before making any dietary changes in your dog’s feed.

german shepherd eating oranges

We know that oranges are power-packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium magnesium, Folate, thiamine, fiber, etc. A study conducted in 2013 published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer states that high Vitamin C, along with Folic acid, can exponentially reduce any risk of DNA mutation or damage.

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Potassium, Folate can deliver the best and proper functioning of your dog’s nervous system and heart.

In simpler terms, orange can amp up your dog game in preventing kidney stones, stroke, anemia, cancer, inflammation, etc. It’s already carved in the rock that orange can help absorb iron, maintain good gut health, boost brain functioning, improve skin health, and glorify your dog’s skin.

In this aspect, it works similarly in human and German Shepherd both. Indeed the parents and the canine can share an orange together and receive substantial health benefits. 

Important Note Before Feeding Orange to your German Shepherd

It is better to be conscious of the darker side of the closet before discovering the door of Narnia and understand the gloomy side. But to apprehend a vivid idea of it, you need to break down the fruit to its component level and understand the primary effect of each part of its own.

Oranges have three elements on a physical perspective:

  • Peel
  • Flesh
  • Seed

These three elements have attributes and of their own and react differently on your German Shepherd.

Orange flesh being high on Vitamin C, and other dietary fibers are decked up with sugar. And we know for a fact that sugar is not at all fido-friendly. It can upset the GI of your dog if taken excessively in any form. 

Avoid feeding your German Shepherd orange juice as those are readily jam-packed with all the things we want to avoid for our canine buddy.

As harmless as Orange peel looks without contributing much to the sugar content, is actually quite sinister. It can be a heck load to digest the orange peel, including the seeds. In some scenarios, the seeds and the peels are surgically removed as it can cause an intestinal obstruction. 

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It is noteworthy to mention the potential risk of choking with the seeds and the peel of the orange as well. It is recommended to remove the seeds and peel before you feed it to your German Shepherd. 

You should take into concern the weight and health conditions of your dogs as well. Examine if your German Shepherd is diabetic or not, if yes the results won’t be all rose and gardens. It is advised to take some precautionary steps before you feed your German Shepherd some pieces of this citrus delight.

  1. Remove the peel and seeds of the oranges before you feed it to your German Shepherd.
  2. Check if your dog’s sugar, blood pressure, and other essential health credentials.
  3. Avoid feeding packaged orange juice or candied oranges.
  4. Brush your dog’s teeth after feeding any fruit to avoid their teeth from rotting.
  5. Stop feeding your dog oranges immediately if you observe any signs of diarrhea.

Maintaining some basic norms and following some basic guidelines will allow your dog to enjoy all kinds of delicacies. But that needs to be done by taking all the precautions and care and keeping note of all the possible side effects. The knowledge about the fruit and how it will react to your German Shepherd is imperative as it can be a life-threat for some unfortunates. I always recommend taking a vet’s advice before you make even minor changes in the diet of your dog. But wrapping up, oranges are a safe treat to have, indeed in moderation.

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