Can German Shepherds Eat Papaya?

The answer to this question is a big, delightful ‘YES’!

Often times it happens that I am sitting and eating my fruits and my German Shepherd dog is staring at my bowl. Obviously, I am more inclined to share my fruits with him but I resist doing so, thinking it to be harmful to that innocent being. Even in my wildest dreams, I don’t want to see him suffer. So, when I found that my dog can definitely eat papaya, it pleased me to no end. Naturally, I read more about it, and here is what I found.

Papaya for German Shepherd dogs

We all know papaya as a miracle fruit that aids digestion, provides fiber and anti-oxidants. However, when it comes to giving it to the dog, it does require a little inspection of facts. Firstly, it is not a must-include food in a pet’s diet. In fact, it is not the natural food. So, practicing caution while feeding papayas is a natural calling.

Nutrients in Papaya good for dogs

  • Papaya provides an ample serving of potassium, folate, calcium, etc. All these nutrients aid in your German Shepherd’s growth
  • Papaya is a fibrous fruit. The fiber part can help manage instances of indigestion or acid reflux when these annoy your this trustworthy companion
  • The antioxidants in papaya may promote better immunity in dogs
  • Papaya is a storehouse of vitamins like A, C, E, and K. All these vitamins are good for the heart health of your adorable pet.
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Papaya’s parts not so good for dogs

A German Shepherd dog is certainly not a fruit-eater, remember that! So, you must not feed him papaya regularly, or in large amounts. Also, the parts of this fruit you must avoid feeding to dogs are:

  • skin
  • seeds
  • leaves

Also, ensure that papaya is not over- or under-ripe.

Still, taking care while feeding papayas will do no harm!

So, when you are giving papaya to your dog, remember that papaya for him should not be used more than an occasional treat. However, you must check first whether he likes it or not.

Secondly, see to it that you have not chosen too mushy a papaya to feed, as it will not be palatable for the dog.

And of course, you have to ensure that the papaya is fresh and not kept cut open for long!

Points to remember when feeding papaya to your German Shepherd dog

  1. Correct way to serve papayas to German Shepherd dogs:

Cut the papayas in thin slices length-wise and cut them into half. The idea is to make the papaya slices easy to gulp and munch for the dog.

Your pet is going to lose interest in eating if you cut them into cubes due to less palatability.

2. Ensure that papaya is completely de-seeded before serving

Papaya seeds may cause diarrhea, and also their extract can interfere with the process of spermatogenesis – A fact extracted from the study Effects of papaya seeds extract on the sperm characteristics of dogs, curated in the National Library of Medicine points at this possibility. Thus, to ensure that the papaya does no harm, it is better to de-seed it completely before serving.

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3. Always serve in moderation

Papaya because if its juicy texture and good taste may attract dogs and they tend to binge on it when not controlled. Though food is good, its goodness is best realized only when it is served in moderation. It may develop diarrheal tendencies in your German Shepherd when overdone.

4. Do not feed its skin

Papaya skin can cause intestinal blockage in dogs, leading to difficulty in bowel movements.

To conclude,

Papaya is not considered the natural food of a dog. This fruit, however, can help a lot in maintaining the good health of the pet. Taking a vet’s advice can also help in making wise decisions if you are a first-time German Shepherd parent.

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