German Shepherd Coonhound Mix: Everything You Need To Know

german shepherd Coonhound mixes

Dogs have been around as man’s best friends for centuries and are described as humans’ most loyal and faithful friends. But, among all, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular and renowned dogs, known for its excellent work in law enforcement, awe-inspiring appearance, and impressive features, and this is why many dog lovers … Read more

German Shepherd And Timber Wolf Mix: Everything You Should Know About This Intriguing Breed Mix

German shepherd timber wolf

For a variety of reasons, German Shepherds can make great companions to people, regardless of their looks, traits, or physique.  With such knowledge, you may be confused on which German shepherd derivative to choose. Here, we will look at the German shepherd timber wolf mix. What traits can make it special? How are these related … Read more

King Shepherd Vs Shiloh Shepherd: The battle of the descendant breeds

King Shepherd Vs Shiloh Shepherd : Size Appearance, Temperament, Energy, Health, Strength Coat Comparison Guide

German Shepherd is not just a magnificent dog in itself but is also responsible for many other marvelous offspring breeds. King shepherd and Shiloh shepherd are two such dog breeds that are a result of crossbreeding between a German shepherd and other breeds. These breeds have been discovered with the purpose of acquiring less aggressive … Read more

German Shepherd vs Caucasian Shepherd: The Battle of the Cuddling Beasts

German Shepherd vs Caucasian Shepherd: Size, Appearance, COat, Energy, Temperament, Socialability Comparison Guide

Everyone is well acquainted with German shepherds and if anyone comes across a puppy it will surely make you go weak in your knees. However, there is another kind of shepherd breed those are equally adoring, lovable, and protective. Caucasian shepherds although not many know about them, can still be a dog lover’s ultimate resort. … Read more

Male vs Female German Shepherd: Which one is for you?

Male vs Female German Shepherd: size, temperament,coat, aggressiveness, maintenance comparison

Dogs are man’s best friend and they can be considered apt for several reasons. While we all want dogs, but choosing the correct one that not only matches your demands but also your surrounding is quite daunting. However, to give this dilemma some rest comes in the German shepherds. German shepherds have long been one … Read more

German shepherd Vs Border collie: Your pick between the Military Sentinel and the Agility Expert

German Shepherd Vs Border Collie: Size, Coat, Temperament, Health Comparison Guide

Both German shepherd and Border collie are top-notch dog breeds and selecting between the two is as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack. Both these dogs have a rich breeding history and boast impressive lineage. Border collie is the love child of the dog breeds of the erstwhile Roman Empire and … Read more

German Shepherd vs Swiss Shepherd: Which breed suits you?

German Shepherd vs Swiss Shepherd: size, color, coat, temperament, comparison guide

Are you wondering which Shepherd pet would be the best companion for you? The two dog breeds German Shepherd and Swiss Shepherd are extremely gorgeous appealing! Considering which one is perfect for you, it’s essential to understand the difference between the two. Swiss shepherd and German shepherd both make a good family dog. But what … Read more

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd: The Distant Kins

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd: size, coat, energy, friendliness, agressiveness, height, strength comparison guide

A Dutch Shepherd and a German Shepherd, due to their uncanny similarities and similar appearances are often called the kindred cousins. Both these breeds are protective, loyal, and intelligent to a highly comparable degree. It is undeniable that these two breeds have epic personalities, which are similar to a great extent. Still, certain traits make … Read more