10 Cool German Shepherd Yard Toys for Boredom

10 Cool German Shepherd Yard Toys for Boredom

If there was one word to describe a German Shepherd, it’d definitely be “athletic”. An agile, lean, handsome breed, he’s notorious for his aggressive nature, but yet, on the brighter side, insanely friendly and easy to train. By virtue of its intelligence and playful nature, this beloved furry ball of energy tends to get bored … Read more

Pet Corrector Vs Compressed Air: Is There Any Difference At All?

Pet corrector vs compressed air: Is there any difference at all?

“I am a first-time dog owner and terms like ‘pet corrector’ and ‘compressed air’ confuse me.” If this thought rings a bell in you, then we suggest you read this post till the end. It is natural for any new pet parent to be inquisitive about the ways to control the dog when they behave … Read more

6 Automatic Ball Launcher for Large Breed Dogs like German Shepherd

6 Automatic Ball Launcher for Large Breed Dogs like German Shepherd

How to make sports time more fun for large dogs? Walk and games are the two ideal solutions available. The dog parents can indulge in teaching tricks, playing ‘go, and fetch’ games as a means to provide physical activities apart from walking them to gardens and parks. In doing such activities with your GSD or … Read more

Keeping a german shepherd indoors: What to expect?

Keeping German shepherd indoors

Dogs belong to wolf families and had forests as their natural habitat. By moving near to civilized establishments, they became a part of human-centric living habitats. Gradually, the love, care, and loyalty shown by dogs, especially German Shepherd, earned them the title of pet animal. However, their tendency to adjust to life in an apartment … Read more

Can German Shepherds eat Oranges?

Can German shepherd eat oranges?

They say orange is the happiest color, and when it comes to fruit, the wise one has already stated, “fill it with Vitamin C and prepare to zest up your life”. But is it too rhetorical to ask if your canine buddy specifically German Shepherd can have a piece or two of this citrus delight? … Read more

Bohemian Shepherd vs German Shepherd: Size, Coat, Energy, Strength & Temperament

Bohemian Shepherd vs German shepherd : Size comparison, energy, temperament

Hello Readers! We bring you here a breed battle series, where we will compare and contrast German Shepherd with other similar dog species. Our aim is to provide you a clearer overview of breed qualities so that you know what you have signed for when you pick two dogs that may look similar in appearance. … Read more

5 Alternatives to pet corrector for your beloved Pets

List of top 5 alternatives to pet corrector

Dogs are wild animals, they felt safer near settlements, and so found new utility as a pet for the lonely, and the animal lovers. However, the communication between a human and a pet is a tricky process. Like you guide and groom your baby, you require to correct or train your furry angel to attain … Read more