Do German Shepherds Need A Big Yard?

Do you live in an apartment and think of getting home a rugged and sturdy German Shepherd home? Well, you surely might be thinking if it is a good idea or not. Considering that we all know that German Shepherds need to lead an active lifestyle in order to be physically healthy and mentally happy. Chances are, you might be wondering if a GSD needs a big yard, or will it be able to adjust in your apartment?

There is no denying that German Shepherds are one of the most muscular and playful dogs for whom running around and being active is a must. But do they really need a big yard?

Let’s find out by looking at and carefully analyzing some of their requirements.

Qualities & Physical Requirements of A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are considered to be one of the most active, agile, and dynamic dogs out there. But did you know that these dogs need to be always in force to be healthy and happy? Well, German Shepherds are the most cheerful and gleeful with owners who indulge in outdoor activities and take their GSD along with them.

German Shepherds have a lot of energy to burn, which is why they love to run and play. Apart from being active and bouncy, they are also hard-working, as they work along with police forces around the world and even serve as farm dogs. You can very well imagine the amount of energy and dedication that these dogs have in them.

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Looking at their qualities, do you also feel this breed really needs a big yard for its fit survival?

How Much Space Does A German Shepherd Need Exactly?

German Shepherds are one of the most robust yet lovable breeds out there. However, this is one breed that lives to have an active lifestyle. That is the reason why dog parents often wonder if they need a big yard for this energetic dog. In fact, if you are getting home a German Shepherd, one of the most significant factors that you need to consider and think about is space. This is because these dogs are full of charm, wisdom, and wit, but there are also full of energy. Hence, they need a decent amount of space to run around and play around.

german shepherd backyard sitting

However, if you ask how much space exactly would it need? The answer is simple – ENOUGH space to burn its energies and carry out routine physical activities. Having enough space certainly does not mean that a German Shepherd sure-shot needs big yards only. As long as your German Shepherd is able to burn its energy well and run and play around well, your GDS will be fit as a flea. This certainly does not mean that a German Shepherd cannot survive without big yards.

But does it mean that they can make do with apartments and places where they mostly have to be indoor?

Are German Shepherds Apartment Friendly?

The answer to this is a simple YES. It’s a known fact that German Shepherds love a big yard, but they are highly adjusting and accommodating dogs too. They can adapt in apartments too, which do not have a big yard. The only condition is that they need their daily physical requirements to meet. A GSD typically requires at least 2 hours of physical exercise daily to stay fit physically and mentally.

german shepherd apartment friendly

If that is not met, you might see some behavioral changes like they might bark excessively and chew destructively. In worst cases, a German Shepherd also shows a lot of aggression and rage if their physical requirements are not met. Therefore, it is advisable to take your dog out for long walks, play with him, even if it’s inside the house.

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The German Shepherd was bred as a herding dog, and hence, they need high amounts of physical exercise and activity every day. Dog parents can indulge their dogs in daily walking and runs. Also, taking their dogs to dog events every once in a while is not a bad idea.

Nonetheless, all these facts considered, German Shepherds still do best in big yards for many reasons.

Why German Shepherds Do Best With Big Yards?

German Shepherds are incredibly high on energy. They have a lot of energy which needs to be burnt to keep them happy and healthy at all times. If you think this is just the case with Male German Shepherds, let us tell you that this is the case with Males & Females.

german shepherd sitting in the backyard

Having big yards would always work in your favor because, in an apartment, you will have to make a lot of changes to keep the German Shepherd busy and active. But, if you already have a big yard, you need not worry that much about it.

However, you can still keep your German Shepherd bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even if you have a small yard or no yard at all.

What To Do If You Have A Small Or No Yard?

The idea to have a big yard is to keep the German Shepherd healthy. But, if you do not have a big yard, you need not worry! All you need to do is make some changes in your apartment or house and engage the dog in some great activities, and you are good to go!

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For such dog parents who do not have a yard but still want to get home a German Shepherd, such owners can also try mental stimulation for the dogs, as it will keep them busy and give them a task, which will ensure that they are healthy mentally and strong physically. Stuff like dog toys and dog puzzles would keep them mentally stimulated daily, which acts as an excellent thing for the dogs.

Also, make it a practice to take your dog for long walks and play with it occasionally in dog-friendly parks to keep them physically fit so that their cuteness, firmness, and vigor are maintained.

Our Verdict

It is a must for German Shepherds to keep active so that they can be fit as a fiddle, both mentally and physically. Big yards always work in the German Shepherd’s favor, but this only keeps them active and running. However, dog parents who live in small houses or in houses with no yards can still keep their dogs occupied and physically energized by making some changes here and there. It’s not true that a German Shepherd needs a big yard.

However, it is true that these dogs are highly energetic and need to burn that extra energy. However, it’s also a fact that they are adjusting and can adjust anywhere if their physical needs are met.

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