German Shepherd And Timber Wolf Mix: Everything You Should Know About This Intriguing Breed Mix

For a variety of reasons, German Shepherds can make great companions to people, regardless of their looks, traits, or physique. 

With such knowledge, you may be confused on which German shepherd derivative to choose. Here, we will look at the German shepherd timber wolf mix. What traits can make it special? How are these related to the German Shepherd? In this post, we will explore various facts regarding the same to aid you in deciding your opinion to opt for it.

German shepherd timber wolf mix – All about this breed

As the name suggests, it is a wolf dog having genres of a German Shepherd and a wolf. This makes them large and masculine and an eye turner due to their fluffy white fur and nocturnal eyes. With a general lifespan of 12 to 14 years, this breed is rather calmer, more cautious, and reserved than both, a GSD and a wolf.  However, it is friendly and trainable. 

Origin of wolfdogs

While certain archeological studies state that wolf dogs were evident at least 10,000 years ago, the first documented breeding took place in 1766. Canine skulls of wolf dogs dated about 10,000 years ago were found in Wyoming. Mexico’s findings of 2010 gave strength to the investigations.  Warrior wolf-dog remains were found, which were dated back about 2000 years. 

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Historical background of german shepherd timber wolf mix

German Shepherd timber wolf mix was first bred in the Netherlands in 1935. It was the result of crossing between a German Shepherd and a Saarloos Wolfhound. Similar crossings were made to result in breeds like Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Kunming Wolfdog. 

Characteristics & physical attributes

Like any other wolf-dog, it is a huge breed where an adult can reach up to 30 inches in height and can weigh around 90-110 lbs. It ensures they have a muscular build with a dense layer of fur. These athletic dogs can be available in various colors like white, gray, or sometimes combinations of red.

1. Appearance

German Shepherds undoubtedly look like wolves, so is the case with the Timberwolf mix too. With a much sharper nose, raised ears, and furry neck, at the first stance they look just like wolves. A mix of white fur and bushy tail turn it pretty to own. These often acquire dense layers of fur in winters, which can also be prone to shredding. 

2. Temperament

They possess the genes of both dogs and wolves. Yet, they like to have a strong bond with the owner and are fond of training sessions and socialization activities. They are loyal and friendly too. They may turn aggressive in closed areas. Being a curious breed, it can be an excellent guard dog. 

3. Adaptability to Environment

The German Shepherd timberwolf mix can manage in any space like a room, house, lawns, or any other outdoor area. They often cannot adapt to new areas and environments instantly. Nevertheless, it takes time, and training can make it free and familiarize the location faster. Like any other German Shepherd, they often don’t love strangers, yet every behavior can be managed through training. 

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4. Learning Ability

These dogs are highly intelligent and can effortlessly grasp training and new games administered. Their bulk build is not a constraint for their agility, making grasping skills easy. Further, they have sharp eyesight often at night too, which implies their efficiency doesn’t deteriorate at night. 

Health & Nutrition

Processing the gene structure of a wolf, they are often fond of meat. They can also consume a kibble diet apart from meat. Their diet must obligate 50% of protein ensuring them to stay agile and active. These also need liquids, including water, regularly to keep themselves hydrated. Chicken and turkey may be preferred over pork to avoid digestive issues. 

Regular vaccination is required in order to prevent common problems like tumors, heartworm parvovirus, respiratory issues, fleas, mites, and ticks. 


With heavy fur, heavy shedding is expected. They usually have two shedding seasons in a year. Brushing them regularly can reduce the mess of fur on the premises.  Further occasional baths are suggested to retain the health of fur and keep them shiny. Maintenance of ears, eyes, and dental hygiene also becomes obligatory to maintain health. Further, regular exercises and tasks like digging, exploring, and playing can keep them fit and active. These need proper social training and freedom to avoid turning destructive. 

German shepherd timber wolf mixes Vs. German shepherds – What’s the difference? 

Timberwolf mix, being a type of wolf-dog, has a few features that distinguish it from German Shepherd. Apart from the density of fur, these may differ in the following ways. 

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German Shepherd timberwolf MixGerman Shepherds
These can grow up to a height of 34 inches.These grow around up to a height of 26 inches
These need meat in their diet to supplement enough proteins.German Shepherds can live with top-notch kibble foods. 
Common Health issues include fleas, Parvovirus, Heartworm, and tumorsCommon Health issues include Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Diabetes, and Cataracts
They need large spaces and freedom to ensure a positive attitude.With proper training, these can turn into apartment pets
They can feel lonely soon; this may easily get aggressiveThey are more of a family pet in need.

How rare are german shepherd timber wolf mixes

The German Shepherd timberwolf dog, as already described, is a type of wolf-dog. Approximately, there are around 250,000 wolf-dogs in the world, while there are more than 10 million official recordings of German Shepherds. These figures show how rare the timberwolf mix is. Limited to areas like parts of Europe and the Netherlands, these are rare to find to sell, especially puppies. 

Summing up

German Shepherd timberwolf Dog is evidently a good choice for dog lovers who are looking for a guard as well as pet hounds. Further wolf genes make them yet more masculine and strong, being loyal. These can turn into a befitting pick if you have a large space like a lawn or farm to leave them free to explore. Their instincts in the wild can be an added edge if used to your advantage.

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