German Shepherd Coonhound Mix: Everything You Need To Know

Dogs have been around as man’s best friends for centuries and are described as humans’ most loyal and faithful friends. But, among all, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular and renowned dogs, known for its excellent work in law enforcement, awe-inspiring appearance, and impressive features, and this is why many dog lovers want to own them.

If you’re looking for a German Shepherd dog, you might have heard about the German Shepherd Coonhound mix. It’s a mix between a German Shepherd and a Coonhound and is an excellent breed for people who want a dog for hunting and active lifestyles. But, before you decide, you must know everything about the species to pick the best match for your family. 

The blog will guide you through the traits of German Shepherd dogs (GSD) and Coonhound, so it’s easier for you to welcome them into your family.

German shepherd X Coonhound: Vital traits

A German Shepherd Coonhound mix is the product of mating between a German Shepherd and a Coonhound. They are incredibly loyal, faithful, protective of their owners, and often take on many of their parent’s characteristics. Dogs of this breed are generally energetic and have a great sense of smell. And, if you have kids at home, these furry dogs are friendly with kids, have a healthy life expectancy, and are easy to train.

There are different kinds of Coonhound, but among them, Black and Tan are the most popular. So, before you adopt a German shepherd coonhound mix, it’s essential to learn more about the personality and characteristics of your dog’s breed to make sure you’re best suited for each other. Let us help you in finding the right match for your family.

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1. Size

As the German Shepherd Coonhound Mix is a combination of two individual breeds, the dog born after mating is heavy and huge. It’s usually easy to tell what size these dogs tend to become depending on parent’s height and weight:

Male Female
German Shepherd DogHeight(in.), Weight(lbs.)24-26, 65-90 22-24, 50-70
Black and Tan CoonHound DogHeight(in.), Weight(lbs.)25-27, 65-11023-25, 40-65 

German Shepherds and Coonhounds are about the same size, though Coonhounds tend to be domineering and slightly more muscular.

2. Coat

When we talk about coat, some German Shepherds are generally long-haired or have a double coat of medium length. Generally, the outer coat is straight, dense, and thicker than an undercoat.

German Shepherds with a double layer of medium-long hair on their bodies also have colors like bicolor, black & tan, agouti, and wolf sable. But, the coat of the newborn depends upon the traits of the parent it inherits. Based on a study, 50% of the characteristics in your puppy come from the mother and the other half come from the father.

3. Appearance

German shepherds typically weigh between 60 and 100 pounds in appearance, while coonhounds are usually 63-77 pounds. 

Depending on the dog’s genetics, it can have a black coat with brown or gold markings. The average height of a mixed breed dog is usually the average height of its parent breeds.

4. Physical Attributes

Usually, German Shepherd dogs are active and healthy and have a lifespan of about 10 to 13 years. But, the hybrid might suffer from certain health conditions such as digestive problems and skin allergies.

Often, German Shepherd Coonhound Mix does not possess a thick coat, which is why they are not readily adaptable to frigid environments. They require a proper diet and regular exercise to stay healthy and energetic throughout the day.

If you don’t give them enough exercise, they will get into trouble. They need at least two hours of training every day. They will run and jump and play with you. They are fast and have a record of 30 minutes per hour. Once these furry are adequately trained, they tend to be endurance runners.

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How are they different than the GSD? 

As working dogs, coonhounds tend to be lively and energetic. This can be a challenge when off-leash in public because they may go on a mission to meet other dogs, chase joggers and cyclists, or worse. Basic obedience training is a must for this breed, and it will make them well-behaved indoors, too. 

These breeds often shed, but with daily brushing, shedding can be in control if they possess a short coat, while the slightly longer-coated type is easier to keep clean. Because of their high prey drive, early socialization and training are necessary!

Since they are super-energetic, they need various exercises to calm them down. One key difference is that they get easily disturbed when they smell something fishy. Though German Shepherd dogs are known for their friendly nature, Coonhounds take time to get along with strangers and might sometimes even bark at them.

They love food and are dominating nature over other dogs. But, the best part is, you can always train these dogs to behave as you need them to.

Why cross a GSD and coonhound?

German Shepherds are generally a friendlier and more loyal breed of dog than others. They have been mainly used for military operations, search and rescue efforts, guard dogs, and often as police work. They exhibit a fantastic sense of alertness that has earned them our admiration. 

While German Shepherd Dogs are a robust and lovable dog breed, crossing them with CoonHounds is an excellent idea as the puppy will then be both working and companionable. A German Shepherd  Coonhound mix will be a fantastic dog to keep around both in the family home with proper socialization and training. Given the right care, your pet will develop loyalty and confidence inherited from both parents. 

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Set of skills of a GSD coonhound mix

GSD Coonhound Mix consists of two dog breeds, the German Shepherd and the Coonhound. Here are a few skills that will help you upon adopting one:

1. They are friendly and adaptive. You will love to have a best friend always around you. 

2. They like to try new places and are affectionate with other dogs.

3. Being a mixed breed, GSD Coonhound Mix are intelligent and possesses a great sense of understanding.

4. GSD Coonhound Mix is often used in rescue operations, and they explore their surroundings with their nose and mouth. This is also one of the reasons they are known as police dogs.

5. They get easily mixed with children and love to cuddle. 

Happy-go-lucky and generous as they come, these breeds have the kind of personality that won’t make you regret making them lifelong companions. Best of all, they’re effortless to get along with!

Is this the perfect breed for you?

If you’re planning to adopt a German Shepherd CoonHound puppy, then you’ll want to make sure you are available for them. They require a great deal of attention and cannot be left alone for long hours at a time. When left alone, they can become anxious or bored, which leads them to express themselves in ways that most people don’t enjoy, like excessive barking, chewing, and digging.

These breeds require a bit of training when they are young as they are meant for hunting raccoons. The only downside is these puppies cannot stay silent for long. They like to get involved in activities and are super energetic. So, if you are ready to welcome a friendly and loyal friend to your family, the German Shepherd Coonhound Mix is the perfect breed for you.


German Shepherd and Coonhound mixes tend to be lively dogs that make great additions to any household. Both loyal and playful, these hybrid pups are known for their ability to bond with people as if they were one of the family!

It is prevalent for this mix to be used as a search and rescue dog, making them excellent companions for people who love the outdoors. All they need is little care and affection to live a healthier life.

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