German Shepherd Pug Mix – The Shug

Both German shepherds and Pugs are relatively popular dogs, and hence breeders cross-breed them to get the best of both breeds. Breeders aim to interbreed a German Shepherd and a Pug to produce a dog breed that’s small and friendly, yet a fighter, like a pug, and at the same time, loyal and hyper-intelligent like a German Shepherd. 

A GSD Pug Mix, which is also called The Shug, is a medium-sized dog that is friendly and faithful and not very high on maintenance. Their personalities are pretty much similar to the young, bubbly children, and they’ll happily glue in whatever mischief your kids bring off. 

In this post, we will dig deeper and try to understand the characteristics, attributes, personality type, and various other aspects of the shug. 

Quick information

OriginGerman Shepherd-Pug 
Life Span12-15 Years
AppearanceMedium Sized Dog 
Size11 to 15 Inches 

What to expect from a shug?

 A german shepherd-pug blend is generally a medium-sized dog with a heavily built body and a broad and deep chest. They may have a german shepherd snoot or a flat face of a Pug grounded on dominant genes. The color of their nose is black. They can come in varied colors like fawn, brindle, black, or cream. In some cases, they also have white sort of patches on their stomach and chest. 

1. Temperament & Personality

The Shug is a hybrid breed dog; he’s easy to train and listens well to commands and he’s eager to please his owner. He craves and needs an ample amount of regular exercise. He’s good with children of all ages and other dogs. With proper socialization, he may be accepting of other types of faces. He’s full of energy, and he’s known to be sportful and tender. He’ll be happiest in a home with a fenced-in area for a playground, but he’ll also be satisfied to stay in an apartment furnished as he’s given ample occasion for conditioning. 

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2. Care & Training

Shug dogs are relatively cheerful and athletic and are easy to train dogs. they are intelligent dogs who are eager to please their owner. It’s recommended to do obedience training and socialization from an early age. It’s best to have short training sessions with them so that you don’t lose their attention. Positive reinforcement training is recommended. They would love to accompany you for running, jogging or a short walk. They are intelligent dogs who are eager to please their possessors, which makes them easier to train. 

3. Socialization

 They enjoy the company of humans who can be outsiders as well! Hence they don’t do well as guard dogs as they tend to socialize well. They love to play along with children and are patient with them, but as they are medium size dogs, it’s recommended that children be with them under adult supervision. Instruct your Shug puppies to get on well with other pets as well as people whom they don’t know. You can invite buddies to your home who have dogs or, indeed, take them to a dog yard so that they may be acquainted with other dogs and gradationally get to know how to interact with them. 

4. Housetraining

The Shug is a training mystery because the parent types are poles apart in terms of obedience. Whilst the German Shepherd is sharp as a method and biddable to charge, a Pug is an easy-going fellow inclined to rebellion. This should be started contemporaneously with obedience training. 

Owners can educate their dogs by teaching them words like ‘toilet,’ or ‘let’s go,’ etc. Also, reward it meetly with praises and treats whenever your dog does a good job. This means the Shug requires a devoted owner prepared to work at gaining their dog’s attention using bounty-grounded tactics. It’s regular training that’s delightful rather than hard- work that will win the day with a Shug. 

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5. Feeding

It’s recommended that German shepherd pug mixes have 2.5 cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two refections. With one of the parents being Pug who’s a greedy eater, be careful of the volume of diet you’re giving to him. Still, gluttonousness may affect their health negatively, so you need to keep a check on their diet. 

Is a shug the right breed for you?

Shugs are a balanced mix of two genes from their parents which make them unique and they tend to make excellent family companions. They are loving and tender to the family. They will enjoy both the active playtime as well as bumming around you while you watch Television. They are happy, friendly, pious, and eager to please and entertain. 

Crossbreeds may inherit nature and personality traits to varying degrees and therefore, your Shug can gain any blend of tenaciousness, focus, and courage from the Shepherd and charm, humor, and gentleness from the Pug. The Shug is a medium-sized dog that’s a great each-rounder with the capability to be a super family pet. Active and sportful, they love to be part of their owner’s life and enjoy relatively long walks. Training requires a degree of faith and thickness because Shepherd’s intelligence may be overridden by a stubborn band inherited from the Pug parent. 


The German shepherd pug blend is a dog with a friendly, tender, intelligent, and pious carriage. He’d do well as a family doggy. If your works demand traveling with no one to be at home, this would not be an ideal dog for you. The love for Shug puppies runs deep, indeed, if they haven’t been around for a long time. German shepherds have been mixed and crossed with a lot of different types to see what personalities and aesthetics came out. People straightway fell in love with the shug and due to its cuddly intelligence. They are unique and suitable with all of the great qualities of both the world of German Shephard and Pug making it a SHUG!

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