Top 6 German Shepherd Training Books You Must Know About

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Training a German shepherd puppy into a responsible and confident adult dog requires both commitment and expertise. While we have no doubt regarding your commitment to your German shepherd’s future, a little help in the expertise area may be the requirement of the day.

There are multiple sources of gathering information about the training process specific to German shepherds. One of the best among them is a time-tested book that can walk you through the entire odysseys of owning and training a German shepherd, a journey where you are both a teacher and a student.

As you train your dog, you get insights into their mind and develop an almost spiritual connection to them. This entire process adds as much to your personality as it does to them, and a wonderful book as a companion on this journey can smoothen the path as well as make it more enjoyable.

Following is a handpicked list of the best books to read for tips on training a German shepherd:

List of Helpful German Shepherd Training Books

1. Training your German shepherd dog

Training Your German Shepherd Dog (Training Your Dog Series)

This book is a 2018 winner of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) Award for the best book in training. ‘Training your German shepherd dog’ is a part of ‘Training your dog series’ which specifically throws light on the trials and tribulations of training a German shepherd dog. A well-detailed book, complete with full-sized color pictures that deal with the different methodologies of German shepherd training as well as digs deep into the different psychological theories behind the methods.

It provides you an insight into the German shepherd’s dog mind so that you not only follow training instructions written in the book but also understand the reasoning behind them. Loaded with very specific information on different theories and throws in some great ideas about positive reinforcement techniques.

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It also helps you in introspecting if you are ready to raise a dog and if so, the kind of German shepherd that will complement you. Furthermore, It has an additional bonus in the form of information on the breeding history of German shepherd dogs to help you know where they come from. The book encourages you to understand your dog’s mind while helping you to plant your image in his mind as the ‘leader of the pack’. This makes him more likely to look up to you and follow instructions. All in all, this book is a brilliant opportunity for novice German shepherd enthusiasts to understand the nuances of the deal.

2. Your German shepherd puppy month by month

As the name suggests, the book takes into account each and every month of the German shepherd growth period, which dates back to the moment it comes out in the litter. It has more information than you will need to understand the best way to raise and train your dog and it is a highly comprehensive book.

Your German Shepherd Puppy Month by Month, 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know at Each State to Ensure Your Cute and Playful Puppy (Your Puppy Month by Month)

Since German shepherd pups grow in leaps and bounds, it will answer all the questions you may have in your mind ranging from whether its height and weight are appropriate to its age bracket as well as what and what not to feed him. It also tells you which outdoor plants to look out for which may be dangerous for your pup’s health.

It goes on to talk about a German shepherd’s grooming requirements, schedules for veterinary appointments as well as vaccination needs. The book even discusses the behavioral issues of the GSD pup as it hits adolescence and the best way to handle its tantrums. If there is something you want to know about your pup, the book has it (and that too categorized month-wise).

 All in all, it’s a book from doggie womb to tomb.

3. The Art of Raising a Puppy by Monks of New Skete

‘The art of raising a puppy’ is a book by multiple authors and trainers whose experience over the years has been gathered, refined, and streamlined to give birth to this book, which as an American bestseller, has cemented its reputation as the ‘Go-to-book’ for understanding your German shepherd pup and its varied needs.

The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition)

The book goes through the various developmental stages of the German shepherd growth period and brilliantly guides the users through the various ways to initiate socialization, crate training, and behavioral adaptations in the German shepherd dogs.

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The book shed some light on how to adopt dogs from shelters. It also talks about the updated behavioral modification techniques in the breed. This is much needed now that more and more German Shepherds are being raised in urban settings.

It is a good buy for both first-time and experienced dog owners, as it covers the basics as well as touches on the advanced themes that are currently circulating in the academic circles regarding the German shepherd training requirements.

4. German Shepherds for Dummies

An easy-to-read book especially for absolute beginners to help them boost their confidence as they embark on a mission to train their newly adopted German shepherd pups. It is written in plain English and concepts have been simplified to help owners who are looking for a quick (yet effective) dose of information to help them break out of the initial nervousness of nurturing a newly acquired pup.

German Shepherds For Dummies

It explains the basics of German shepherd training steps in a lucid manner with a humorous touch. However, it might not be very useful for trainers having a fair amount of knowledge on training German shepherds already.

5. The German shepherd dog (Terra Nova)

The German shepherd dog (Terra Nova) is a complete guide to a 360-degree view of German shepherds that will be a step-by-step guide for you and your entire family in raising the dog.

The German Shepherd Dog (Terra-Nova)

Equipped with extensive chapters on feeding, grooming, and training the dog into a well-behaved adult canine. It also has a detailed chapter on canine health that is reviewed by experienced veterinarians, which suggests dietary plans for the canines as well as discusses the parameters for ensuring their health.

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Again an easy-to-read book with pictorial representations and graphics which will appeal to even dog owners who otherwise are not comfortable in reading hefty books.

6. K9 Personal Protection

This is one of the best books in its genre if you have decided to own a German shepherd dog for protection and personal security. The authors of this book have trained German shepherd dogs for the United Nations, the Red Cross, and policies of various nations. They bring this invaluable experience to the table as they pen a detailed analysis on multiple approaches to this kind of training and impart useful tips on obedience training.

K9 Personal Protection: A Manual for Training Reliable Protection Dogs (K9 Professional Training Series)

It also provides an insight into the kind of German shepherds which will be best suitable for your purpose and the best way to zero down on them.

The book starts with the basics on how to procure such dogs, cement it with fundamentals of how to impart training to create protection dogs out of the routine German shepherd dogs, and then build on it with advanced exercises and training.

Books are sometimes able to provide explanations that can beat even the most professional of trainers. A good book with respect to the training of German shepherds can act as a key to their heart and get you into the mind and soul of a professional trainer. Reading a couple of books and doing adequate research on the matter will surely help you get ready for the satisfaction and challenges of owning a German shepherd dog.

Final Words

It is important to select a book according to your level of expertise in training a German shepherd, for some books are targeted at novices while others are penned down at a level that can only match the comprehension levels of skilled trainers. Also, It is important to introspect if you are a reader who can go for detailed explanations and enjoys the intricacies that are involved with heavy reading, or if you are the kind that is comfortable with quick and upfront information.

You can thus select a book that is best suited to your German Shepherd’s personality; and which resonates with your temperament as a reader and trainer as well. This, in turn, will act as a powerful tool in your mission to carve out the best version of your German shepherd dog.

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