German Shepherd Vs Cane Corso: Battle of Guardian and the Beast

Are you on the lookout to get a furry friend home? If the traits and qualities you are looking for are strong and loyal and you are searching for a family dog, a Cane Corso and a German Shepherd could be on your list. While this post focuses on the traits of these two superb breeds, we highly recommend you guys also check out the breed battle series where we’ve compared our beloved German Shepherd with different breeds and sometimes other species too.

While both of these breeds are super alert and vigilant, and often known as guard dogs, but there is a huge contrast between these two. Knowing these distinctions becomes extremely important if you are confused on which one to get home and make it an irreplaceable part of your family – a German Shephard or a Cane Corso?

Thankfully, we are here to tell you the small and significant differences between the two so that you can make an informed choice.

German Shephard VS. Cane Corso – Basic Differences

While getting a furry new member home, we all have a list of qualities that we are looking for in our family dog. If those qualities are alertness, sharpness, and extreme cuteness, then Cane Corso and German Shepherd, both would be on your list.

german shepherd running

The dissimilarity between both breeds starts from the height. While the height could vary from dog to dog, generally the Cane Corso is considered to be taller than a German Shepherd.

If you talk about the weight, the cane Corso weighs around 90-110 pounds, while the German Shepherd weighs 50-90 pounds, making the cane Corso much heavier and bulkier than the German Shepherd.

cane corso size height and weight

While the lifespan of a dog depends on various factors, yet an average lifespan of both differs by a few years. The average life span of a Cane Corso is 9-12 years, while most German Shepherds live up to 7-10 years.

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Both of these breeds are energy bundles, but their prices differ if they are bought and not adopted. While the German Shepherds are generally thought of as pocket-friendly ones, but you might have to shell out some extra money while getting home a Cane Corso.

German Shephard VS. Cane Corso – Suitability for First Timers

While getting a new member home, one needs to be absolutely thorough with their research. While both breeds have some uncanny similarities, most of us get confused when it comes to which one to get home. New owners wish to know which of the two breeds is easily trainable, the truth is that German Shepherds are much more easily trainable than the Cane Corso.

german shepherd sitting

Before getting home a Cane Corso, you need to be sure that your local trainer would be able to train the new member. Whereas training a German Shepherd is pretty easy. This is one factor that needs to be considered by first-timers as training Cane Corso is not a child’s play.

While the Cane Corso takes protection very seriously, they are known to be extremely civil dogs. Both are extremely playful and child-friendly. However, most people and breeders consider a German Shepherd to be a better choice for new owners as they are easy to train and low on maintenance.

German Shepherd VS. Cane Corso – Temperament Matters

Do you want to get a dog for protection or the one which is better for the kids and the family?

Both German Shepherd and Cane Corso are guard dogs who will protect you so that you don’t need to worry about intruders and being around strangers. However, Cane Corso is generally more intimidating and more protective than German Shepherds. This could be because of their size and appearance.

german shepherd tug of war playing

If you talk about dominance, a Cane Corso is definitely more dominant than a German Shepherd. And that’s why Cane Corso needs a firm master to train. In contrast, a German Shepherd is quite amicable and much easier to handle.

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Coexisting with these breeds is never a problem, as both breeds are loving and affectionate. As furious they can be towards strangers, they are totally lovable and cuddly with the family.

cane corso puppy playing

German Shepherds and Cane Corso are both guard dogs; hence both of them are equally intelligent. Activeness never becomes a problem as both are bundles of energy.

German Shephard VS. Cane Corso – Nutrition & Grooming

Despite the larger size, a Cane Corso is a slightly healthier breed than a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd’s life expectancy is about 7 to 10 years, while the Cane Corso enjoys 9 to 12 years of a healthy life.

While talking about nutrition, both the dogs would need around 3 cups of food every day as both of these are large and active dogs. However, actual meal size could vary from dog to dog.

cane corso treating

Coming to grooming, a German Shepherd and Cane Corso are both easy to maintain and groom. Both of their grooming schedules are mostly the same. Both would need brushing once a week so that their cuteness is intact. Bathing them every few weeks would keep them clean and fresh.

Can The Average Cane Corso Overpower The Average German Shepherd?

Are you wondering which one of them is stronger and more powerful? Can a Cane Corso really overpower a German Shepherd?

Well, the answer to it depends on the size and health of both the dogs. While a Cane Corso weighs about 45-50 KG, and a German Shepherd is 30-40 KG. So, the weight of a Cane Corso is definitely more, which makes it a bulkier dog than the German Shepherd.

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Cane Corsos are huge dogs which are often called ball of muscle. While a German Shepherd is lighter yet agile, due to which they run faster.

Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix – A Exceptional Cross-Breed

Even after stating the obvious differences between the two remarkable breeds, are you still confused about which furry family member to get home?

If you are not able to make your pick, then this crossbreed might be what you are looking for! German Shepherds and Cane Corso are both known for their power-driven personalities and high intelligence. Both are special and unique in their own ways. But just imagine, what would their crossbreed be like? Certainly, best of both worlds!

This rare combination is unique and impressive. One is a highly intelligent dog, and the other guards the country! Isn’t it a deadly combination?

This little member of your home will be the by-product of two great breeds, which are intelligent, loyal, and protective, and hence the mix breed would also have natural protecting instincts.

A mix of these two breeds, a Cane Corso German Shepherd is, of course, going to be extremely talented with being full of qualities and would be capable of doing any and every work.

Summing up,

Both German Shepherds and Cane Corso are overprotective breeds, but a German Shepherd is a little more accepting of the strangers around. The Cane Corso is much bigger and definitely more dominant. Training a Cane Corso is never a cakewalk while training a German Shepherd is comparatively quite easy.

Nonetheless, both make great family dogs who will love you, cuddle with the children, and protect you from intruders. The choice is for you to make. What would you prefer more – A German Shepherd or a Cane Corso?

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