German Shepherd Vs Cane Corso: Battle of Guardian and the Beast

Cane Corso or GSD? If you are a true dog lover, you are most likely to indulge in friendly banter where you may find yourself in a fix while choosing the one. Well, both are smart, intelligent, and stout species. And, they may also show the best behavior when trained to live with you. But, that is just the start! In this breed battle, we explore finer details of these two dogs that stay on the radar of genuine pet lovers. Let’s start.


GSD: German Shepherd is native to Germany and registered its presence in the 1800s. Just like Cane Corso, the dog served as a protecting dog or a guardian to flock and people. This dog is still used as a service dog in military and police jobs, and is trained for the family living in apartments too.

german shepherd running

Cane Corso: Cane Corso is a mastiff-type breed. It originated in Italy and has shown its presence in ancient times too. The dog was employed in guarding jobs in those times. That is why its name shows Italian influence. Cane is the Italian name for the word ‘dog’. And Corso is derived from the Latin word Cohors which means guardian or protector. The name describes its original job of protecting or guarding the pack or premises.

cane corso size height and weight

Height, Weight and Color

GSD: GSD goes up to the height of 26” on gaining maturity. It does intimidate by looks but is a sweetheart. Its healthy weight is somewhere around 88lbs. Its overall build is stout and looks beautiful in various mane colors. The black and tan, grey, sable, black & sable, etc. are a few common colors found in GSD breeds. 

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Cane Corso: Cane Corso does give GSD tough competition as its height can be towering up to 27”. The weight can be expected to reach 99lbs. So, don’t overfeed out of love; it may become a task for you to walk him around. Fawn, Grey, Black Brindle, and Chestnut Brindle are some of the common colors of the Cane Corso breed.


GSD: GSD needs to have a protein-rich diet. Its diet must comprise up to 22% protein. So, add a raw meat diet. Supplement it with fats too. GSD needs fatty foods to avoid skin diseases. You can also check our posts on suitable fruits and vegetables that can be served to your furry companion. 

Cane Corso: Feed your black beauty with appropriate proteins and fats. Toss in some ground bones too to give him choices in the diet. The protein content in the diet should be about 56 g (or 20-22%) on crossing 18 months of age. The  Cane Corso also thrives on vegetables. Carrots and zucchini are safe vegetables that can be given to this puppy.


GSD: If you want a ‘yes man’ around you, GSD is the dog you need. Fierce in looks but docile in nature if trained early, this dog loves to please you with his ease of learning skills. However, to learn to obey, he may need early training. Please check positive reinforcement training techniques for GSD dogs to achieve better results.

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Cane Corso: Cane Corso is born to lead, he is the leader of the pack by instinct. Hence, to get the best of him as an obedient pet, you need to train him early. It is a highly intelligent dog. Also, it shows the characteristics like reserved nature, even-tempered and easy to go with.

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Family dog

GSD: GSD loves family; you will feel blessed to have him around you. He loves his human pack and tries several tactics to keep them together in one room. Despite being a sturdy and stout species, he can be kept in an apartment as he loves staying close to everybody.

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Cane Corso: Cane Corso was originally a security dog; guarding was his main virtue. But, with training and affinity development, the dog can show unmatchable devotion to his human family. Fiercely protective towards the human family, this pet needs to be controlled while around strangers.

Overall Health

GSD: GSD can rightly be called the low maintenance dogs with minimal healthcare and grooming requirements. The dog tends to become depressed when left alone and does need to stay indulged in activities to maintain joint health. You have to be aware and proactive about their exercising needs and must have a caretaker in hand should you require going out for work.

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Cane Corso: Cane Corso shows a high risk toward bloating. Entropion, Hip Dysplasia are a few common problems that need regular checking. This black beauty does need exercises, but you must not go over-enthusiastic about it. Overdoing may cause joint damage and heat exhaustion, especially during humid weather is also a matter of concern. You may expect Cane Corso to be a low-maintenance dog having an average age of 10-12 years.

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Summing up the breed battle,

Cane CorsoGerman Shepherd
Medium to big-size breed; height reaches up to 27 inchesMedium to big-size breed; height reaches up to 22 inches
Protein and fats form the main diet’s components’ few vegetables are safer to give. Loyal, affectionate, and fiercely protectiveRaw protein and fats are a staple diet. A few vegetables and fruits also can be given. loyal, affectionate, and fiercely protective
Needs mild exercises and loves to trainNeeds mild exercises, regular play-time and is trainable
Low maintenance breed, does not require regular groomingLow maintenance breed, does not require regular grooming
Overall health excellent, may live up to 10-12 yearsOverall health excellent, may live up to 14 years

Final words

GSD and Cane Corso are the best choices for having a loyal companion at home. Both these breeds stand apart in looks, and have a great affinity for family and other pets. These puppy breeds are easily trainable and take pride in learning things fast. Originally used as guardian dogs, these breeds have proved their utility as family pets too. Unless not provoked, they behave in a sociably pleasant manner. Overall health is good; they live for 10-14 years if all health concerns are prevented proactively.

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