German Shepherd vs Coyote: Physical Attributes, Nutrition and Temperament Comparison

Hello Readers, not all big dogs are German Shepherd or Alsatians. You must have understood this fact by now. Hopefully, you also must have sacrilege the faulty pet sellers who tried to pass any breed for GSD by using tips from our breed battle series. Keeping with the demand of the readers, we have come up with the next battle. In this post, we will outline the easily, and not so easily spottable differences between GSD and Coyote.

So, here we go!

German Shepherd vs Coyote – The difference

German shepherd are known to be fiercely protective of their humans, and livestock and may attack sensing the slightest danger. Coyote, too, shows a similar sense of responsibility in their behavior; but, maybe less aggressive than GSDs. Let’s explore further how to appreciate the differences between the two.

1. Origin and Physical Characteristics

coyote in wild

Coyote: Coyote is a native of North America. Discoverers called these dogs Brush Wolves. Their characteristic body features are a snouty nose, thick coat, feathery tail, and thinner physical frame. Since they have their roots in cold countries of the world, their bodies have all defense mechanisms in place that help them withstand chilly cold winds. Hence, they will show some kind of discomfort when placed in hot weather conditions.

GSD: German Shepherds, as the name suggests, are native to Germany. They were employed in the military and traveled to America and the UK after World War II was over. The breed was mated with many other counterparts to create friendlier, more adjustable, and apartment-friendly dogs with a little docility in nature. Thus, when trained from an early age, the GSDs learn fast and become a favorite of their parent.

german shepherd coat physical attributes

These are stouter and bigger than Coyotes and look fancier. With two to three coats of hair, German Shepherds can also withstand cold conditions efficiently. However, they may show added heat tolerance, too, better than Coyotes comparatively.

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Generally speaking, with proper attention and detailed caring, both breeds can avoid conditions such as over-heating of the body, excessive panting, or dehydration.

2. Safe foods and eating habits

Coyote: Coyotes display omnivorous food habits. Though they mostly prey on other small animals, the one-forth of their diet can safely comprise fruits and berries. Wild varieties instinctively eat the fleshy parts of the fruits. But, when reared in domestic conditions, the owners must serve the pulpy parts of fruits to Coyotes.

german shepherd eating

German Shepherds: German Shepherds are quite similar to Coyote in their eating habits. As we have discussed before in a few of our posts, the major part of GSD’s food should comprise proteins and animal organs like the liver, leg parts, etc. But, those can safely be served de-seeded fruits like papaya cut in big layers, apple flesh, etc.

3. Grooming and vet check needs

Coyote: Grooming is something both Coyote and the parent will look forward to. As a new Coyote parent, you must know that this breed loves getting pampered and sees grooming as a way of bonding. Coyotes develop the tendency of catching ticks and mange on the skin; thus, they need grooming and tick treatments a little regularly too.

When the vaccination schedule is over, Coyotes may not need a vet visit more than once or twice a year. They keep good health overall. Also, due to a lean body, the chances of developing issues like hip dysplasia are reduced too.

German Shepherds: German Shepherds do not need frequent grooming. In fact, too frequent brushing of hair and bathing can cause skin and hair problems in these furry angels. Thus, bathing them once a week or after a longer gap is enough. However, it is a good practice to keep an eye on nails and ears; the tendency to catch fungal infections is not too low.

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GSDs can maintain good health if they are kept active, and given a company. They need physical activities and games to avoid hip dysplasia and other weight management-related issues. This breed needs a little more regular checking for avoiding various health issues, but when taken care of, their life expectancy is pretty long.

4. Behavior with other pets and Temperament

Coyote: If you are planning to bring Coyote to a home with pets, think again! Internet is rife with lots of horror stories of Coyotes attacking other pets and causing harm. Though with early training, the parent may be able to control the attacking tendencies of this breed, their going out of line is never predictable. Hence, you may be calling a lot of trouble by trying to keep Coyote and other pets together.

coyote as pet

Coyotes may take more time adjusting to apartment life. They are best suited for farmhouse environments or homes made in open spaces. It is advisable to pick expert-trained Coyotes instead of shouldering the task of training the one by yourself.

German Shepherds: German Shepherds have quite well-developed nurturing hormones. They are caring for not only the parent but do gel well with other pets too. The only thing to assure is early social training. With the correct guidance and positive reinforcement, the owners can mold their pretty pet as per their home rules.

german shepherd pet

Overall, German shepherds are quite apartment-friendly. They don’t require a lot of separate space because they love staying close to the parent. Just a little space by the feet of the owner is no less than a treat for this loving dog breed.

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5. Vaccination needs

Coyote: Like all dogs, Coyotes are susceptible to rabies, and may require annual shots against this canine disease. The shot is given every three years after the dog completes a year; researchers are focused on finding oral vaccines for the same too. Another must-have vaccination is against Leptospirosis. It is a disease that affects most mammals including Leptospirosis.

German Shepherd: Its vaccination requirements are rather elaborate comparatively. A typical vaccination regime of a German Shepherd will comprise preventive shots against diseases like distemper, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, and of course, rabies.

Wrapping up,

Coyote is not that suitable for a pet if you are planning to have one for your home. This breed is easily recognizable from German Shepherd due to its thin and less hairy body. It is closer to wolves in various habits, looks, and living needs. Unlike Coyote, GSDs have become much more human-friendly. Their loyalty, zeal to impress family and parents,s and protective nature have earned them the title of watchdogs, service dogs, military dogs, and others. Hence, it is always better to opt for GSD over a Coyote if you are a city guy and has no plans to shift to a ranch!

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