German Shepherd vs Dalmatian: Size, Coat, Appearance, Fitness Comparison Guide

Choosing a breed is not certainly a casual job. It takes much involvement and knowledge to be a dog parent. It is often believed that a dog is a dog, and no breed can surpass the other. Well, it is true to some extent, but for the owner, it is a full-time job with no shortcut. Whether it is a German Shepherd or a Dalmatian, you ought to be responsible enough to own it.

You must have noticed that German shepherds pup are very active and sometimes a bit aggressive. Whereas, Dalmatians are extremely playful. You can play for hours with them but they just don’t get tired. German Shepherds are known for their faithfulness and intelligence and can be trained well even with a little effort. That’s why they are often appointed as police dogs. Whereas Dalmatians are very playful, friendly, energetic but can also be sensitive to a certain circumstance. The interesting thing about both of the breeds is that they both are very dependent on their owners and crave companionship at all times.   

When it comes to comparing between breeds like German Shepherd and Dalmatian you need to keep in mind the following facts to know them better.  

German Shepherd : Commonly known Traits

Originated in Germany, German Shepherds are now one of the favored breeds up for adoption. They are mostly known for their hunting, watching, protection, and often undying loyalty. Along with these qualities, they also boast a loving and adorable nature. It is important to consider that German Shepherds are very friendly to all, even children, but not strangers. 

German Shepherd : Commonly known Traits

They are highly energetic and require a few physical exercises, running to keep them ft and healthy. German Shepherds can be of Bi-color, Black & Tan, Black & Cream, Black & Red, Black & Silver, Blue, Grey, Liver, Sable, and White with a double fur coat. Due to a double coat, these dogs are advised for tropical regions, at least not without cooling assessments are present. However, German Shepherds are very prone to various ailments, which can turn out to be fatal. This is why it is important to keep your pet checked at all times.

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Dalmatian : Commonly known Traits

From the historical regions of Dalmatia, Croatia, the breed Dalmatian was originated. Like most domestic dogs, these breeds are also very compassionate, affectionate, friendly, adorable, protective, loyal, and many other things. From hunting dogs to carriage dogs to now gradually becoming housedog Dalmatians have started to receive their due. 

Dalmatian : Commonly known Traits

Dalmatians are great as a pet. They can be of varied colors, such as; White & Black, White & Lemon, White & Liver Brown, White & Orange, White, Black & Tan, White, Liver & Tan. They have straight, short fur and are favorable for the tropical zone.

German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Size

German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Size
German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Size

Both the breeds are quite large and nearly the same height. The average height of a Dalmatian ranges between 20- 24 inches. While German Shepherds are between 22 – 25 inches. In case of weight, German Shepherds are a little heavier than Dalmatians, weighing around 60 – 78 lbs. While the average weight of a healthy Dalmatian range between 50 – 55 lbs.

German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Food Requirements

Being a relatively large and active dog, a German Shepherd naturally requires a protein-rich diet. Whereas Dalmatian possess a unique urinary system which is unable to tolerate high proteins. Both the breed requires plenty of water.

German Shepherd requires 2 cups of balanced dog food twice a day while Dalmatian requires 1 cup of dog food twice a day to have an adequate meal. Dogs are often very greedy when comes to food, but cannot digest most of it. This is why the owner needs to pay close attention to what they are consuming and follow a definite healthy diet. 

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German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Appearance

German Shepherds are commonly a combination of tan, sable, and black. Sometimes some other colors are also there like very rarely white. On the other hand, Dalmatians are with white as a base coat with spherical black spots evenly distributed all over the body. There are other color variant shades present in both breeds, however, they are very rare.

German shepherds generally have thick long double-coated fur. The range of their fur can range between 22-26 inches. Whereas Dalmatians have short and smooth fur ranging between 19-24 inches. Both of them shed heavily yet the furs are naturally dirt repellent. The cutest part is both of the breeds are exemplary handsome.

German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Physical Fitness

German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Physical Fitness

Both the breeds are very high in energy and super active. Thus, both the breed needs a lot of physical activity to stay healthy and active. Dalmatians need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise daily that includes lots of running and walking.

On the other hand, the German Shepherd also requires 2-3 hours of physical exercise per day which includes walking, training, and playing altogether. It is better to distribute the exercise regime throughout the day. As both the breeds are high on energy, they need a fitness regime to keep them healthy and active.

German Shepherd Vs Dalmatian : Health Issues

In the 10-14 years of lifespan, a German Shepherd can contract quite a few diseases that can turn out to be lethal. Blindness, Cancer, Cataracts, Degenerative Myelopathy, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and different allergies and digestive problems are common among this breed. GSD is prone to Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia a congenital condition that mostly affects large breeds. Systematic check-ups and healthy food and life habits can help them live their whole life.

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Dalmatians are susceptible to urinary and kidney disease which can be fatal enough to cause death this is because Dalmatians are unable to break down uric acids like other breeds. Apart from that Dalmatians suffers from allergies including skin allergies and rashes and chances of deafness are also there.

General Details About German Shepherd And Dalmatian In Chart

 German ShepherdDalmatian
Lifespan 10-14 years 13-16 years
Origin Germany Croatia
Height 22-26 inches 19-24 inches
Weight 75-95 lb 45-55 lb
Personality Traits Friendly, affectionate, require companionship, please the owner, average aggression to strangers, follow the command, high instincts of hunting, watching, guarding, protection Friendly, affectionate, often stubborn, requires companionship, pleases the owner, average watching, guarding, hunting and protection. 
Temperature Tolerance 40°-85° F 50°-85° F
Physical Fitness High exercises, training High exercises
Coat Type Double fur coat Single and smooth fur coat
Coat Colors Bi-colour, Black & Tan, Black & Cream, Black & Red, Black & Silver, Blue, Grey, Liver, Sable, White White & Black, White & Lemon, White & Liver Brown, White & Orange, White, Black & Tan, White, Liver & Tan
Coat Texture & Length Straight and medium Straight and short
Speed30 mph35 mph

Wrapping Up,

Every dog is different and possesses unique behavioral qualities which depend on factors like, diet training and upbringing. We must keep in mind that both of these are huge in size and smart breed. They need proper training and regulations or else they will develop several behavioral problems like extreme aggressiveness.

But above all both of them are lovable and exemplary handsome and can be your best friend. Remember, bringing a dog home is a big responsibility, almost similar to having an infant. So, you ought to be a responsible parent to your dog. Breeders usually have the required knowledge to suggest a breed that best suits their conditions.

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