Is Rosemary extract safe for Dogs?

Rosemary is a herb and like all other edible herbs has many medicinal benefits. It has been used as an ingredient in human cuisine for a long time and recently it has also been used in the preparation of dog food. The consumption of rosemary in any form is useful to the body. As a dog parent, it is natural to be concerned about the components in dog food. However, there is no need to worry when it comes to rosemary extract in your pet’s food. 

Is it safe for dogs to consume rosemary extract?

Yes, rosemary extract is completely safe for dogs. Research and surveys conducted over years have proved that rosemary extract is not only safe for dogs but is also beneficial to their health. So, in case you have been contemplating on including this ingredient in your dog’s food or if you have been planning to shift to dog food that has rosemary extract, you needn’t be skeptical. Rosemary extract, in a certain quantity, is absolutely safe for consumption by dogs

Rosemary extract as a Dog food ingredient.

Generally, in dog foods, a maximum of 50 milligrams of rosemary extract is used per kilogram of production. The FDA approves of it and considers it completely safe for dogs. Rosemary extract is added to dog food for two reasons –

  • To add natural antioxidants. Dogs need antioxidants in their diet. This improves their immune system and helps with bone related troubles. Thus, rosemary extract can be useful for senior dogs who suffer from moderate to severe bone problems.
  • To increase the shelf-life of the packaged food. This is because rosemary extract has preservative capabilities.
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Rosemary extract has been used in dog food for the last 20 years. The credibility and safety of an ingredient can be proven by how long it has been in the market. With the backing of significant research, rosemary extract has been a vital ingredient in pet food and has caused no negative reactions in dogs.

However, every dog is different. Even if it is safe for dogs, your pet might not like the taste of it. That is why, it is advisable that if you are trying to include it in the pet’s food for the first time, give them a small quantity at first and observe if any problem arises both in terms of physical health and taste. 

Benefits of Rosemary extract for your Dog.

Rosemary extract has several benefits which can help your pet in many ways. Let us look into some of them –

  1. Boosts Digestion – Rosemary extract has anti-microbial elements and that is the reason why it helps in gastrointestinal functioning. It improves gut health and leads to better digestion. Digestive abilities in dogs depend on a lot of factors such as the breed, size, age, physical activity and mental health. If your dog has been having trouble with bowel movements and digesting food, introducing rosemary extract in their diet can be helpful. 
  1. Packed with antioxidants – Antioxidants are important for dogs. It helps in getting rid of free radicals from a dog’s body. Having more free radicals in the body than necessary can cause long term damage in your dog. Research has shown that excessive free radicals can cause cell damage which can lead to different kinds of diseases in old age such as cancer and heart-related trouble. That is the reason why rosemary extract should be introduced in your dog’s diet. Antioxidants also help with skin allergies and eye problems. Introducing a small quantity of rosemary extract can thus prove effective to your canine friend skin and vision. 
  1. Improves heart health – This is always one of the biggest concerns of dog parents. A dog with a healthy heart has reduced chances of acquiring complicated diseases. This also means they can stay with you for a longer period. Although a healthy diet and enough physical activities should take care of the heart, not every dog is the same, not every day is the same for them as well. After a point in life, dogs tend to get lazy and that is exactly when the heart damage starts. Along with forcing your pet to go out for a walk, you can also introduce Rosemary extract in their diet. It also has antispasmodic abilities which can help in preventing spasms. However, in case your dog already suffers from a heart condition, you should consult your vet before introducing it to the diet. 
  1. Improves Brain Function – Rosemary extract has been associated with improving brain health as well. Research has proved that it helps dogs who have a history of anxious behavioral disorders. It can also be helpful to reduce stress in dogs. If your dog has problems interacting with other dogs and other humans who are not their parents, it might suggest that they are facing anxiety or stress. Dogs can feel the vibe around them. So in case there is a death or a mishap in the family, it can perceive it. Such situations can be stressful for them. In case such stressors exist in the dog’s environment, rosemary extract can help.
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Precautions to be taken before feeding Rosemary extract to your dog.

Although rosemary extract is completely safe for your dogs, it is important to look out for certain things when you plan to introduce it to your dog’s diet, be it in a home-cooked meal or packaged food. 

  1. The first and the most important thing to understand is that rosemary extract and rosemary essential oil are two very different things. While rosemary extract is meant for consumption, an essential oil, by default is not meant to be eaten. Rosemary essential oil is not safe for dogs. Make sure you never confuse the two. 
  1. Everything that your dog consumes should be in moderation. When it comes to herb extract, such as rosemary, it is safe only in a certain quantity. Make sure not to overdo it. The average amount that is present in dog food is completely fine. However, if you plan on making something for your dog and adding the extract to it, you should look out for the quantity. 
  1. Finally, it is always advisable to consult your dog’s veterinarian if you are planning on introducing this or any new ingredient in the diet. Nutritional requirements differ in terms of breed, age and medical history. Before you make any dietary changes, consult the expert who is aware of your dog’s medical history. 

Our Verdict

As ingredient rosemary is not only safe but also highly beneficial for dogs. Rosemary extract is an ingredient used in dog food and chances are, your dog has already been consuming it. All in all, with its benefits, rosemary extract can make your furry friend healthy, active, happy, and intelligent.

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