King shepherd vs German Shepherd: Size comparison & Temperament difference

One very common point of debate among the german shepherd lovers and owners is how characteristics of the breed resemble a lot to other breeds. Some of these include Belgian Maliosis (Some even mistakenly call it ‘Belgian Shepherd’), Shiloh Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Northern Inuit Dog, and sometimes wolf-dog as well.

There is however one breed which makes it literally impossible for a newbie to distinguish it from our beloved german shepherd. These are….King Shepherds. Its very hard to find a difference between two breeds just by looking at it. You got to experience it by living with them.

We are writing this post to give you an insight into how both these amazing breeds differ in their origin, physical appearance including size comparison & coat and temperament.

King Shepherd Vs. German Shepherd

1.) Origin:

King Shepherd is the breed of Shepherd dog that falls into the biggest category. It is basically a crossbreed that has originated from a German Shepherd and the Shiloh Shepherd in their composition. Also, King Shepherd is a huge dog breed at about 25 to 31 inches tall, and they weigh between 75 to 150 pounds.

This breed, King Shepherd, was originally bred from American and European German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes, and the eminent Pyrenees. Their breeding was started in the early 1990s, nonetheless, an authorized breed club was established in 1995. No other breed embodies the saying, dogs are man’s best friend, more than the German Shepherd hybrid, King Shepherd.

On the other hand, the German Shepherd Dog breed is a large-sized dog that emanated in Germany in the year 1899. German Shepherds are mainly working dogs, evolved originally for herding and guarding sheep. Their strength, intelligence, and skills in obedience training are always utilized in police and military departments around the world.

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2.) Physical Appearance:

As the name suggests, King Shepherds are king in size as well. They are a fusion of many breeds but mostly German Shepherd. These guys are highly intelligent, obedient, and dutiful towards their owners. Some of the highlights of their physical appearance are:

Primary colored King Shepherd
Primary colored King Shepherd
  • The primary colors of King Shepherds are fawn, red, black, brown, white, and sable. Their furs or coats are generally a monopoly of two or more colors.
  • The male King Shepherds are around 41-68 kg mostly, and the females are 34-50 kg.
  • Their height is around 25-29 inches, which is 64-74 in centimeters.

The original German Shepherds are slightly different looking from their other breed, King Shepherds. These species appear as:

Common coat colors of German Shepherd
Common colors of German Shepherd
  • They have a double coat, which comprises a dense undercoat and an even thicker, scarcely wavy, or straight exterior coat.
  • Their fur is usually tan and black, or red and black in color.
  • German Shepherds are medium in length and they shed all year round. You can find them in other color variations such as all-Black, all-White, and blue.
  • This breed has a long body. Generally, they are between 22 and 26 inches.

3.) Interaction with Human Beings:

Both King Shepherd & German Shepherd are great and justify the term of being Man’s best friend. As you already read, how King Shepherds are with their owners, they are loyal, obedient, and intelligent. These guys are also versatile. Their playful nature & ability to perform various tasks makes them the perfect companion of a human being. 

King Shepherds can live in an apartment as long as you let them do plenty of exercises and stretch their legs. They will get pretty large, if they are living in an apartment, make sure your house has a big yard. This might be a more suitable setting for your dog.

military german shepherd dog

German Shepherds are not so different from kings. But they are definitely a bit more aggressive (if owner doesn’t exactly know how to keep them) and suitable for police work. These guys are versatile and do their job efficiently in police or military departments as guide dogs. They are the best breed for herding. They are very fond of their master and have unconditional love if treated the right way. They too are big in size, hence give them space to move and play. They can be your best friend for life in every situation.

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4.) Behavior & Temperament:

The comparison between them depends on many things, behavior is one of them. Different people have different needs from their dogs. Although these two breeds share many similar traits, they have slightly different characters.

Both German Shepherds and King Shepherds are athletic dog breeds. But King Shepherds are not as intense as German Shepherds can become at times. Both of them require their space, long walks, and jogs, playful exercises.

Also, it is best to offer them some training & tricky exercises. Both of them possess heavy IQs, and their minds are always active. Along with their playful nature, both of these are highly competitive dog breeds. 

5.) Characteristics:

Both King Shepherds & German Shepherds are much alike in nature. King Shepherds are competent and are evaluated as easy to train.

They make outstanding family pets but can similarly be trained for many tasks, comprising herding, police work, or as a guide or service dog. King Shepherds are very defensive of their households and families. They are not shy, usually a bit more civil to strangers than German Shepherds.

On the other end, German Shepherds are widely acknowledged for their guarding attitude towards their homes and families, often known as intelligent, devoted dogs. Nevertheless, they can be hostile with strangers, and they may furthermore be aggressive towards other dogs if they assume them as a threat to their habitat.

6.) Breeding:

King Shepherds are a rare breed that closely resembles German Shepherds. They are a mixing breed, loyal in nature, and protective of their family. King Shepherds aren’t greatly recognized by the American Kennel Club, but their huge size makes them stand out among their close relatives, such as Shepherds and herding dogs. As their name suggests, King Shepherds are gigantic shepherd hybrids. Evolving from the cross-breeding of German and Shiloh Shepherds.

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German Shepherds were originally cultivated from the herding dogs of middle and southern Germany. Standardized breeding commenced once the first breed federation was founded in 1889, with the purpose of eliciting an athletic, versatile, high-achieving working dog. They are known to be the protective dogs of their masters.

Wrapping up,

It is because of their nature, both of the dog breeds are suitable as pets. King Shepherd is more likely to be friendly than German Shepherd, but both of them can be trained & protect their family from any danger. If you are thinking of getting one of them, wait no longer!

2 thoughts on “King shepherd vs German Shepherd: Size comparison & Temperament difference”

  1. Waiting for DNA but pretty sure my boy is a King. By far the best dog I’ve had, super smart, loyal ,loving and protective.

    I really can’t go anywhere without people commenting on how big and handsome he is. He’s getting used to the attention now, but it’s interesting to watch him stay on task; protection, while being polite with strangers.

    So if you’re wondering whether to aquire a King, go for it if you have the time and the space. They need plenty of both, particularly the time. He needs constant attention and that’s totally ok with me, but I’m retired, lol.

    • HI Gary, my name is Bob and my fiance is also a Murphy.

      Can I ask where you got you King from. I am sold on them but seriously thinking about going direct to the source. Shelly Whats-Cross still breeds them in VA.


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