Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Butter and Oil – Is this superfood good for my dog?

Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Butter and Oil

All of us who love our four-legged members are super conscious about their diet, and we all make sure to monitor each and everything they eat super closely. But, there are some of us who feed our dogs whatever they have to. This might cause more harm than good to the health of the dog. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe Rind?

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe Rind?

In this scorching summer, some refreshing fruits like lemon, honeydew, or watermelon can cool and hydrate a dog well. Now, if you have got a pet dog and you are thinking of giving it a refreshed feel with the summer fruits, this article is for you. Cantaloupe is an excellent treat for dogs, but is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dried Pineapple: Is the crown fruit canine-friendly?

Can Dogs Eat Dried Pineapple

To put your mind to rest, let’s answer your query first. Can your dog eat dried pineapple: Yes, it can. Should you feed your dog dried pineapple? Meh! Confused? Let’s translate this into human lingo. Can you have a chocolate fudge pastry for breakfast every day? Of course, you can. Should you? Not if you … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Apple Sauce With Cinnamon? Is there a Green signal for the red?

Can dogs eat apple sauce with cinnamon?

Yes, your dog is allowed an apple sauce with the cinnamon treat. But there is a follow-up list of dos and don’ts that needs to be followed to ensure that it is indeed a treat and does not end in a dietary mishap. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal With Brown Sugar And Cinnamon? – Is This Power-Packed Carbohydrate Meal Good For Your Dog?

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal With Brown Sugar And Cinnamon?

We all love a power-packed and healthy meal for our dogs. A healthy meal for dogs is one that is full of nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and whatnot! When we talk about a healthy meal, Oatmeal definitely comes into our minds. But another question that would hit your brain is can my dog eat Oatmeal? Is … Read more

Male vs Female German Shepherd: Which one is for you?

Male vs Female German Shepherd: size, temperament,coat, aggressiveness, maintenance comparison

Dogs are man’s best friend and they can be considered apt for several reasons. While we all want dogs, but choosing the correct one that not only matches your demands but also your surrounding is quite daunting. However, to give this dilemma some rest comes in the German shepherds. German shepherds have long been one … Read more