Pet Corrector Vs Compressed Air: Is There Any Difference At All?

“I am a first-time dog owner and terms like ‘pet corrector’ and ‘compressed air’ confuse me.” If this thought rings a bell in you, then we suggest you read this post till the end.

It is natural for any new pet parent to be inquisitive about the ways to control the dog when they behave in unwarranted manners. Pet trainers try to offer an easy and quick solution to dog owners by suggesting them training enablers like pet correctors or compressed air.

But, when the owners go out searching for them online or otherwise, both seem to be exactly the same. Is there really any difference, or a pet corrector is just an overpriced compressed air? Let’s clear this confusion once and for all.

Compressed air – a tool for correcting pet

Owners may contemplate using compressed air when the dog displays any of the following behaviors:

  • Chewing furniture or drapes
  • Howling and barking too much
  • Chasing tendency
  • Bullying other pets or guests

When the dog shows any kind of the above-mentioned behaviors, correctional training is required. But, does the gush of air is not exactly what the pet corrector emanates? So, how it differs, if at all, from the compressed air? Let’s explore further.

How Compressed air is similar or different from a pet corrector?

Compressed air and pet corrector may seem like two names of the same product, especially when you squeeze the tin to blow the air. Let’s explore their similarities and differences.

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Functionality wise, both compressed air and pet corrector are the same. These serve the purpose of giving quick remedial solutions for training the pets. The owners feel to be ‘in control’ when they have this tool in hand, especially when they are not patient enough to train the dog with positive reinforcement.

Structure wise, both the compressed air and pet correctors are the same. These are available in spray style. Being exceptionally portable, both can be carried outdoors easily.

Both pet correctors and compressed air are tools that employ the aversive techniques of controlling the dog’s behavior. These tools take a lot of flak from all pet owners, as these are not considered good for the mental wellbeing of your innocent pet.


Actually, there is no difference at all in these tools. A burst of air from the compressed air canister does produce a hissing sound. So, unless the pet corrector has an additional sound-producing device fixed inside, both will look and sound the same.

Understandably, the pet corrector is considered notorious because of the hissing, or sonic sound that it produces suddenly. It can shock the dog and may cause some psychological issues when the product is overused or used irresponsibly. So, if you are an empathetic dog parent, you will try to find alternatives to pet corrector.

Summing up, by choosing a pet corrector, you are buying a compressed air canister only, at an over-priced rate.

What to expect when you choose pet corrector or compressed air to train a dog

Here are a few reactions that dogs have displayed towards the use of pet corrector or compressed air, as shared by some pet corrector reviewers:

  • Instead of correcting the behavior, some dogs repeated the behavior as they found it funny
  • Some showed aggressive behavior and attacked back the owner to snatch and destroy the device – it was common with Collies and other dogs of bullying or dominating nature
  • Some dogs ran away or hid. It is not something to be encouraged and is a big taboo
  • Some dogs did not feel fazed at all and continued with their mischief.
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But the most interesting reaction was the one where the dogs showed negative associations with other things instead of the pet corrector.

When you choose to train your dog with a corrector can, you must pay attention to the pet’s reactions. If it doesn’t take the corrector positively, you should not continue to use it, thinking it to be your thing of convenience. The relevance to the dog must be the focal point while making such decisions rather.

To conclude,

Pet corrector is just a commercially appealing name for a compressed air can. All parents insist on going for alternatives to pet correctors. They suggest that positive methods like giving treats and toys and correcting by vocal commands are better options than employing compressed air or pet corrector for training purposes. Mostly, the parents used these corrector products not to scare their own dogs, but to shoo other attacking or unruly dogs when they went to walk out their pet.

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