Everything You Should Know About Red German Shepherd: Cost, Training, Diet, and Care

Hello Readers! You might not be the only ones who never saw German Shepherds in colors like red. Yes, red is one of the rare colors in GSDs and it is the result of cross-breeding. In this post, we intend to cover what red Germans Shepherds are, and other interesting facts related to this variety.

What is a Red German Shepherd?

Usually, a German Shepherd is available in black and tan color. But, according to an established trainer Steffi Trot, the red color can replace the tan color in this breed. The color is due to the gene pheomelanin. Its abundance or scarcity is responsible for various hues of red that you may find in a German Shepherd dog. Hence, entirely red German Shepherd may not be easy to find, but mahogany red and Black, or a few other combinations.

Rare Pure Red Germans Shepherd Puppy
Rare Pure Red Germans Shepherd Puppy | img src : Reddit

Must you know that German Shepherds are mostly domesticated as working dogs or police dogs! Of late, by using various breeding methods and gene manipulation, the breeders offer German Shepherds that can work as show dogs too.

Buying guide – Red German Shepherd

If you have decided to bring the red German Shepherd home, you need to pay attention to a few must-knows

Red German Shepherd Cost :

Red German Shepherd costs can vary anywhere from $500 to $3000. The cost of $500 may be found with those sellers who dispense with the paperwork. So, if you are ready to take the risk, it can be available to you at a giveaway price.

However, the best way to own a German Shepherd in red color is to buy it with complete paperwork and a vaccination chart. Always remember, the red variety is a rare color and is entirely a showing dog material. Hence, it is a wise decision to do the paperwork and have all questions answered before bringing the dog home.

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Red German Shepherd Diet

Hawthorne et al, 2004 and other researchers stipulate that the growth chart of bigger dogs like red-colored German shepherds does not show a constant pattern. It is estimated that the growth is largely dependent on the diet plan designed for the dog. Pet nutritionists and diet experts suggest that new owners should not be over-enthusiastic about feeding the growing dog.

When diet is not controlled. or if the dog is over-fed, it may lead to health problems related to joints and the heart. Since the red german shepherd has the same needs of exercising and playing as any other variety of this breed, it is essential to ensure that diet does not exceed the physical labor.

Some of the items worth including in the daily diet of German shepherds having reddish tint are:

  • The meat of beef, pork, chicken, duck
  • Fish, liver, and eggs
  • Various dog foods containing duck kibbles are also good options

Emotional needs of Red German Shepherd :

Color is not the functional factor that impacts the emotional needs of any animal including a red German Shepherd. Thus, you must know that your rare, red GSD requires your company.

It can affect the emotional health of your red-tinted furry companion if you lock GSD indoors and go to work. You need to appoint a caretaker or hire a dog-care agency if you have both work and the pet to care for.

German Shepherds of red variety are happy to please their human families. They act as a bonding expert and love to see all family members gathered at one place. However, despite being big-sized, you need not make humongous changes in houses. The dog is happier when staying close to the parent, and so, does not require the owner to make a new room.

Black and Red German Shepherd (Right) | img src: k9rl

Health issues common with Red German Shepherd :

German Shepherds’ health issues comprise joint and cardiac health mostly. Some of the common health issues of German Shepherds are:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia caused by poor exercising and disproportionate musculoskeletal growth
  • Epilepsy: High stress is the main cause of this disorder
  • Body overheating caused by excess exercising
  • Behavioral problems caused by lack of social training
  • Hemophilia, which is the result of inbreeding
  • Diabetes is mostly the result of erroneous food and exercising schedule
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How to make house friendlier for red German Shepherd ?

A few arrangements at home can help you make the space comfortable for German Shepherds with a red mane. They don’t require making special arrangements, but just your little attention and lots of love. Your experience with German Shepherds can become awesome if you make the following changes in your living space:

  • A pre-assigned space for eating and sleeping: Though you may be tempted to sleep and eat with the dog in the same space, you must train the dog to respect the boundaries and stick to them
  • Toys and treats: When required to teach using positive reinforcement techniques, the toys and treats play a crucial role. Also, there are some toys available that can produce the commands as given to him by the parent. It helps keep the loneliness away.
  • Create a safe boundary in the open space of the house: You cannot afford to lose your German Shepherd that too, the red-colored one; it is a rare possession. Hence, it is important to create safe boundaries in open spaces like backyards or gardens where your pet can play and have a good exercise.


Red German Shepherd is a beauty that you will never find easy to resist. If you finally find the one, you must pay attention to the points above to prepare for his homecoming. All these points allow you to have a better understanding of the dog’s requirements and help you adjust well with your new furry friend at home.

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