Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman: Which breed is the best?

Alert! This post especially calls out to every dog lover out there. From lifting your mood to playing with you, the four-pawed creatures will consume all the space in your heart. Keeping a dog will not only offer you company but also help you to protect your house and loved ones. But now the question arises, how to select the correct breed that can provide both playfulness and protection. 

Well to start, all breeds of dogs are most precious and lovable. But here we discuss those breeds that offer the full package, from accompanying to guarding. If you have confusion in choosing between Rottweiler, German shepherd, and Doberman then this article can shed some light on your dilemma and help you to choose. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman

All the three breeds are originally from Germany and are purebred and are proven to specialized in guarding. But guarding is not all.

1. Size

Size can be a huge determining factor in selecting a dog. Like humans, they also need space to roam and play. So, first of all, understand your house space available, specifically if you are living in an apartment. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : Size comparison

All three dogs can be considered under the medium to large category. When fully grown they can be huge. Still drawing a comparison, Doberman is space friendly followed by a German Shepherd and our adorable Rottweilers. 

Ratings: Doberman: 3.5/5 German Shepherd: 4/5 Rottweilers: 4.5/5

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2. Maintenance

Keeping a dog equals having a baby. In fact, they become the babies of our household and hence comes the grooming, feeding, or in short, the overall maintenance cost.

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : maintenance comparison

As these breeds are pretty athletic, they must be fed good quality food, and thus, the cost of food is more or less the same for all. However, there is a slight difference in terms of the frequency of grooming. Both Doberman and Rottweilers have low frequency than German Shepherd. 

But to top it all off, monthly expenditure is more for Rottweilers, followed by Doberman and then German shepherd. 

Ratings: Doberman: 4/5 German Shepherd: 4/5 Rottweilers: 5/5

3. Temperament

All these three breeds show intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. Apart from these, what sets these apart is that Dobermans are more energetic as compared to the other. While Dobermans are energetic, German shepherds are always confident and curious, while the Rottweilers show a strong sense of protection. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : Temperament comparison

Summing all up, in terms of temperament all these three are more or less the same, and hence there is a draw. 

Ratings: Doberman= German shepherd= Rottweilers= 4/5

4. Intelligence

In general, a dog’s brain perceives high sensations and also remembers them. All three breeds are purebred and hence highly intelligent. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : Intelligence comparison

And thus this is the shortest section to discuss. All three breeds are highly perceptible and intensely intelligent. 

Hence, this again calls for a draw. 

Ratings: Doberman= German shepherd= Rottweilers= 5/5

5. Trainability

All these breeds need proper training for them to interact properly with society. Moreover, proper training helps them to understand the differences between good and bad. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : Trainability comparison

Dobermans are really easy to train whereas German Shepherds and Rottweilers need a lot more attention. 

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Depending on the ease of training, Rottweilers needs the most attention and then followed by the rest.

Ratings: Doberman: 3/5 German shepherd: 4/5 Rottweiler: 4.5/5

6. Playfulness

No matter which breed you choose just make sure they are playful, otherwise he will be a couch potato and you will be bored. Well thankfully, none of these three is a couch potato. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : playfulness comparison

All three breeds are highly naughty yet adorable in their way. And like any other dog, these three also need something or someplace to play. You can easily train them to play catch and fetch or any other game you wish. 

Ratings: Doberman= German shepherd= Rottweilers= 4/5

7. Sensitivity level

Dogs need to be acquainted with their surrounding and seldom likes any changes in them. Specifically, these guard dogs. They require more sensitization to their surroundings. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : sensitivity level comparison

Both German Shepherds and Dobermans are not very fond of changes and prefer to follow a daily routine. Also, they don’t like noisy households. In comparison, rottweilers are a little more sensitive than others.

Ratings: Doberman: 5/5 German shepherd: 5/5 Rottweilers: 4/5

8. Affection level

Some dogs prefer more snuggles than the other, and the same is applicable for these three. German shepherd and Dobermans are quite snuggly and like to cuddle. Also, they are better at showing their affection. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : affection level comparison

On the contrary, rottweilers are a little bit distant and like to maintain their space. Not like they won’t snuggle or cuddle, but just a tad bit low. 

Ratings: Doberman= 4.5/5 German shepherd= 5/5 Rottweiler= 3.5/5. 

9. Mouthing

More or less all dogs have a mouthing or chewing tendency. They like to play with their chewing stuff or chew anything or everything that comes in their way. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : mouthing comparison

German shepherds have the highest degree of mouthiness followed by rottweilers and then Dobermans. 

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Ratings: Doberman: 2.5/5 German shepherd: 5/5 Rottweiler: 3/5.

10. Biting tendency

Being related to wolves, dogs, in general, possesses some biting tendency, a few of them more than others. Especially for guard dogs, this can be worrisome. Owners need to give proper training and needs to be alert. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : biting tendency  comparison

Both German shepherds and rottweilers have a high biting tendency than Dobermans. 

Ratings: Doberman: 3.5/5 German shepherd: 4.5/5 Rottweiler: 4.5/5.

11. Sense of territory

All mammals show a sense of territoriality these guard dogs are no different. Guard dogs are so named because they protect the things, they love with all their might. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : sense of territory comparison

All these three are among the top of their games and possess a strong sense of territoriality. Thus, here is a draw. 

Ratings: Doberman= German shepherd= Rottweiler= 5/5. 

12. Adaptability

The adaptability of rottweilers is okay-ish and needs a bit of attending to make them feel at home. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : Adaptability comparison

On the contrary, both German shepherds and Dobermans are very much adaptable to a different situation, and once in they themselves become comfortable and become at ease at their home. 

Ratings: Doberman=German shepherd= 4/5 Rottweiler= 3.5/5.

13. Prey drive

Dogs are born predators. Hence, they love to chase squirrels or run behind a cat, or just to catch something. 

Rottweiler vs German shepherd vs Doberman : prey drive comparison

Rottweilers and German shepherds have an excellent prey drive and hence fun to play catch and fetch. 

Dobermans are a little sober, and comparatively and low prey drive. 

Ratings: Doberman= 2.5/5 German shepherd= Rottweiler= 4/5. 

 We hope that this comparison will shed some light and let you decide which guard to choose. But, being a pet parent is equally tedious, so be prepared. Don’t get a dog just for the sake of getting one. If you are truly a dog lover and can deal with all their naughtiness, go for it! 

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