6 Dogs that look similar to German Shepherd

6 Dogs that look similar to German Shepherd

Sit down and make a list of all dogs’ species you know. What happened? Couldn’t write more than 10 species names? If guessed correctly, you might have written German Shepherd, Boxer, Pomeranian, and Pug. Now, here is an eye-opening fact. According to  American Kennel Club, about 197 species of dogs native to various parts of … Read more

King shepherd vs German Shepherd: Size comparison & Temperament difference

king shepherd vs german shepherd size comparison and temperament difference

One very common point of debate among the german shepherd lovers and owners is how characteristics of the breed resemble a lot to other breeds. Some of these include Belgian Maliosis (Some even mistakenly call it ‘Belgian Shepherd’), Shiloh Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Northern Inuit Dog, and sometimes wolf-dog as well. There is however one breed … Read more

10 traits to look for in pure bred original german shepherd

10 traits of purebred original german shepherd

Looking for a purebred pet dog for your home?  One of the smartest, intelligent, majestic, and greatly assisting class of dogs is German Shepherd. It has earned popularity and fame from different parts of the world. All this has made it one of the most-sought dogs for both homes and commercial areas. But choosing the … Read more