German Shepherd Coonhound Mix: Everything You Need To Know

german shepherd Coonhound mixes

Dogs have been around as man’s best friends for centuries and are described as humans’ most loyal and faithful friends. But, among all, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular and renowned dogs, known for its excellent work in law enforcement, awe-inspiring appearance, and impressive features, and this is why many dog lovers … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Patties? Is This Yummy Treat Worth The Risk?

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Patties?

Dogs are usually highly fascinated with human food, and we humans also have the habit of feeding them with what we eat every once in a while. Without thinking much, we have the habit of slipping some delicious treats into our dog’s mouth. But is it right and worth the risk? Is human food really … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Spaghetti And Meatballs?

Can Dogs Eat Spaghetti And Meatballs?

Like us humans, dogs too get bored of their daily meals. They, too, wish to eat and indulge in something new and exciting for meals. There is no denying that we humans, too, are tempted to feed our dogs with delightful and exciting food options. Talking about ourselves, most of all just love a good … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Corn Husks? Is It Safe?

Can Dogs Eat Corn Husks?

Corn, another name for maize, is a cereal that is among the most popular grains in the world. In many countries like the US, the corn on the cob is a summertime favorite food. Besides, many tasty cuisines people eat in the restaurants also have this cereal in them. In fact, corn is not only … Read more

Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs?

Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs?

We know eggs are a great digestible protein source, but is it the same when we feed to our German Shepherd? It would be great to feed eggs to our pets, considering it’s highly nutritious, proteinaceous, and good for bones. But is it really safe? And what are the dos and don’ts we need to … Read more

Are Cauliflower Leaves Safe For Your Dogs? Can Dogs Eat It?

can dogs eat cauliflower leaves

Cauliflower, an extremely healthy green vegetable, was once neglected by people. But, nowadays it has become so popular that you will see it regularly on the restaurant tables. It’s not only a treat for its delicacy but also a healthy choice for humans as well as their pet dogs. But, what about the cauliflower leaves? … Read more