German Shepherd Coonhound Mix: Everything You Need To Know

german shepherd Coonhound mixes

Dogs have been around as man’s best friends for centuries and are described as humans’ most loyal and faithful friends. But, among all, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular and renowned dogs, known for its excellent work in law enforcement, awe-inspiring appearance, and impressive features, and this is why many dog lovers … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Panda German Shepherd

Guide to panda german shepherd

Dogs, frequently hailed as people’s dearest companions, The experience can be great when the owner chooses their ideal breed of dog. If the owner is in the market for a hound that has characteristics like loyalty, courage, and protection, then a German Shepherd is an obvious choice.  We all know about the German shepherd dogs, … Read more

German Shepherd And Timber Wolf Mix: Everything You Should Know About This Intriguing Breed Mix

German shepherd timber wolf

For a variety of reasons, German Shepherds can make great companions to people, regardless of their looks, traits, or physique.  With such knowledge, you may be confused on which German shepherd derivative to choose. Here, we will look at the German shepherd timber wolf mix. What traits can make it special? How are these related … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Patties? Is This Yummy Treat Worth The Risk?

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Patties?

Dogs are usually highly fascinated with human food, and we humans also have the habit of feeding them with what we eat every once in a while. Without thinking much, we have the habit of slipping some delicious treats into our dog’s mouth. But is it right and worth the risk? Is human food really … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Corn Husks? Is It Safe?

Can Dogs Eat Corn Husks?

Corn, another name for maize, is a cereal that is among the most popular grains in the world. In many countries like the US, the corn on the cob is a summertime favorite food. Besides, many tasty cuisines people eat in the restaurants also have this cereal in them. In fact, corn is not only … Read more

Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs?

Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs?

We know eggs are a great digestible protein source, but is it the same when we feed to our German Shepherd? It would be great to feed eggs to our pets, considering it’s highly nutritious, proteinaceous, and good for bones. But is it really safe? And what are the dos and don’ts we need to … Read more

Common Vision Problems In German shepherds: Eyeing the vision issue among GSDs

Common Vision Problems In German shepherds

German shepherds in general are considered healthy dogs. In fact, what better evidence is there, other than the fact that they are called upon by national governments to protect their citizens as a part of the k9 Human dog police units. However, it is true that selective breeding to allow for the best line of … Read more

Is Star Jasmine Poisonous To Dogs?

Is Star Jasmine Poisonous To Dogs?

Are you sure all the species of plants in your backyard are utterly non-toxic for your dog? Often the safest plants you could imagine in your garden turns out to be harmful, just like star Jasmine. And keeping a pet safe in your backyard is like childproofing everything with a lot of preventive measures. The … Read more