Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe Rind?

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe Rind?

In this scorching summer, some refreshing fruits like lemon, honeydew, or watermelon can cool and hydrate a dog well. Now, if you have got a pet dog and you are thinking of giving it a refreshed feel with the summer fruits, this article is for you. Cantaloupe is an excellent treat for dogs, but is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dried Pineapple: Is the crown fruit canine-friendly?

Can Dogs Eat Dried Pineapple

To put your mind to rest, let’s answer your query first. Can your dog eat dried pineapple: Yes, it can. Should you feed your dog dried pineapple? Meh! Confused? Let’s translate this into human lingo. Can you have a chocolate fudge pastry for breakfast every day? Of course, you can. Should you? Not if you … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Apple Sauce With Cinnamon? Is there a Green signal for the red?

Can dogs eat apple sauce with cinnamon?

Yes, your dog is allowed an apple sauce with the cinnamon treat. But there is a follow-up list of dos and don’ts that needs to be followed to ensure that it is indeed a treat and does not end in a dietary mishap. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Red German Shepherd: Cost, Training, Diet, and Care

Everything You Should Know About Red German Shepherd: Cost, Training, Diet, and Care

Hello Readers! You might not be the only ones who never saw German Shepherds in colors like red. Yes, red is one of the rare colors in GSDs and it is the result of cross-breeding. In this post, we intend to cover what red Germans Shepherds are, and other interesting facts related to this variety. … Read more

A quick guide to cold temperature tolerance in German Shepherds

A quick guide to cold temperature tolerance in german shepherds

Max Von Stephanitz, a German military man who is widely credited as the father of the German Shepherds, spoke highly of its firmness of nerves, reliability, and incorruptibility. A widely acclaimed attribute of German Shepherd, that forms an important part of this praise, is its ability to withstand very high temperatures. In fact, it is … Read more

German Shepherd Signs of Affection- How to tell if your GSD loves you?

German Shepherd Signs of Affection- How to tell if your GSD loves you?

If you have a pet German Shepherd, this post will help solve your doubts regarding their affection. There is an ongoing misconception about German shepherds being just distant, cold, and fearsome in general. Some movies to be blamed for making that perception of German Shepherds in society. Although it is somewhat true but not in … Read more

10 traits to look for in pure bred original german shepherd

10 traits of purebred original german shepherd

Looking for a purebred pet dog for your home?  One of the smartest, intelligent, majestic, and greatly assisting class of dogs is German Shepherd. It has earned popularity and fame from different parts of the world. All this has made it one of the most-sought dogs for both homes and commercial areas. But choosing the … Read more

Fascinating History of German Shephard: Breed Origins, Timeline, and Facts

german shepherd history: Facts, Origin, Breed History evolution

Pets leave non-erasable footprints in our heart that makes our life fulfilled, by awakening the portion of soul. Every moment of life with them ensures just unlimited love and warmth. Dogs, the most common class of pets, are not lacking any of the aforementioned and are, in fact, the idol of loyalty. One of the … Read more