German Shepherd vs Caucasian Shepherd: The Battle of the Cuddling Beasts

German Shepherd vs Caucasian Shepherd: Size, Appearance, COat, Energy, Temperament, Socialability Comparison Guide

Everyone is well acquainted with German shepherds and if anyone comes across a puppy it will surely make you go weak in your knees. However, there is another kind of shepherd breed those are equally adoring, lovable, and protective. Caucasian shepherds although not many know about them, can still be a dog lover’s ultimate resort. … Read more

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd: The Distant Kins

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd: size, coat, energy, friendliness, agressiveness, height, strength comparison guide

A Dutch Shepherd and a German Shepherd, due to their uncanny similarities and similar appearances are often called the kindred cousins. Both these breeds are protective, loyal, and intelligent to a highly comparable degree. It is undeniable that these two breeds have epic personalities, which are similar to a great extent. Still, certain traits make … Read more

Belgian Malinois Vs Doberman: Clash between the bonhomous laddie and the devoted defender

Belgian Malinois Vs Doberman: size, coat, price, energy, behavior, strength comparison guide

Are you someone who absolutely adores big dogs? Do you want to get a guard dog home? The chances are that you might be confused between a German Shepherd and a Doberman. While these two are totally different breeds, they have some uncanny similarities that confuse most dog lovers. In this post, we will talk … Read more

German Shepherd Vs Cane Corso: Battle of Guardian and the Beast

German Shepherd vs Cane Corso: Size, Coat, Energy, Health, Food, Nutrition, Life Span, Height and Weight Comparison

Cane Corso or GSD? If you are a true dog lover, you are most likely to indulge in friendly banter where you may find yourself in a fix while choosing the one. Well, both are smart, intelligent, and stout species. And, they may also show the best behavior when trained to live with you. But, … Read more

Kangal Vs. German Shepherd: Size Comparison, Temperament, Training Needs, Health & Food Habits

Kangal Vs. German Shepherd: Size Comparison, Temperament, Training Needs, Health & Food Habits

Hello Readers! The next in our breed battle series is Kangal and German Shepherd. Both dogs are loyal companions. While GSDs came to the US for the first time in 1906, Kangals were introduced to the US audiences in the 1980s when these were transported here from Turkey. Are these two dogs completely different or … Read more