Top 10+ German Shepherd Discussion Forums You Must Know

In the vast sea of information on Google, it’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of clicks, irrelevant links and advice that’s not helpful. If you own a GSD or are prospecting to own one, you must have searched frantically online for forums, or community bulletin boards dedicated to dogs.

A good forum lists all content in categories and subtopics, such as speciality threads addressing unique health concerns, nutrition/diet, products, training, behaviour, grooming, and so on. A topic is a conversation amongst members or even non-members.

A dog forum will be monitored by dog lovers like you and me. Certain topics which may be deemed as important by moderators or administrators (admins) may be “stuck” or “pinned” to the top of the listing at all times. 

Thanks to the user-created and monitored content on a community bulletin board, you have the advantage of finding exactly what you want. In the context of specialty purebred dogs like German Shepherds, it’s all the more important to get insights from people like yourself who have had a similar past experience. Better to be safe than sorry, especially for you and your dog!

Here we have selected some of the best forums around, specifically for German Shepherd dogs. We’ve listed them on the basis of how popular they are, what topics and discussions prevail on them, and their trustworthiness. This is an important aspect, as we do not endorse click-baiting and spammy links.

10 Must-Visit German Shepherd Forums


Whether you are a first-time GSD owner, or an experienced dog parent, or just an avid GSD fan, this forum answers all your questions! It’s been in existence since 2002, making it a veteran of sorts in the GSD online community. This is precisely what makes its content so meticulous and non-spammy.

The content has been organized into discussion boards under sections, which you can navigate through the top menu. Boards are dedicated to bloodlines, training, breeding, service dogs, and much more. In fact, the forum also has sections for showing off your dog through pictures and personal stories, books and media related to dogs, current dog affairs, rescue and adoption, and classified ads for people to buy/sell/trade GSD-related equipment.

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Posts: 2.5 million

Members: 95.7 K

2. Glock Talk—German Shepherd Food

While the community itself is for people who are interested in firearms, the Woof Memorial Critter’s Corner section has been created under the forum that deals almost exclusively with police dogs or working dogs. 

glocktalk gsd forum

A thread was initiated in 2008 by a concerned user whose GSD had developed a scratching issue, supposedly due to a corn-based dry meal. They wanted to get their German Shepherd off corn-based kibbles and shift to a primarily meat-based diet. This thread may not have been active for over a decade, but it’s a stand-alone article that you can refer to, in case you find similar symptoms in your own pet.

Posts in the thread: 22

Participants: 8

3. German Shepherd Central

This is a relatively new forum for hosting exclusive content and conversations, tips and tricks for raising a well-behaved German Shepherd. The Columbus, Ohio-based forum was founded by a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC).

German Shepherd Central Forum

One of its biggest plus-points is its technical groundwork, which helps you connect with people who live near you. When it comes to German Shepherds, issues like adoption, rescue, giving away are matters that are best answered by people who live in close vicinity as yourself.

The forum also supports stories, experiences, and ideas for raising your pet. It’s also got three specific discussion topics dealing with GSD puppies younger than 6 months, puppies between 6-18 months and dogs older than 18 months so that you can pinpoint your exact queries.

Members: 13

4. German Shepherd Dog Forum 

This forum hosts a series on dog trainers and their philosophies on training. One of the trainers selected is the popular canine expert, Robert Cabral, and this thread initiates a discussion under the subtopic “Controversies, Catastrophes and Teaky Moments” on his quote: “all training should be fair to the dog.”

German Shepherd Dog Forum delph

The responses are insightful, in the sense that users did note how some trainers resort to violence and “shock treatment” to get the dog to comply to their commands. The forum overall is well-curated and uses a mix of advisories and debates to promote responsible German Shepherd Dog ownership, including training, health and diet. 

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Posts: 103391

Members: 970

5. Dog Training Forum 

This forum is a well-collated place to get access to various dog training resources. Some of the most reviewed links have been pinned to the top of the feed. The topics include links, books, blogs and others for reactive or leash-aggressive dogs; training tactics; dealing with issues like separation anxiety, attention-seeking behaviour, desensitizing your dog to immobile things in your house, and so on. 

dog training forum

One of the threads in this forum talks about an adolescent GSD that interacts excessively with loose dogs. The replies are super friendly and educational, so you can be sure to receive prompt replies and accurately directed guidance for the same. 

Posts: 173.4K

6. UK German Shepherds Forum

This forum is the so-called “The spiritual home of”, a website that has now been disbanded. It has easily approachable content organised as folders under various sections. Health and Fitness, and the training and behaviour sections are very actively updated by a dedicated community.

UK German Shepherds forum

If you want any information on nutritional supplements, you can find them here. Unfortunately, there is no public access to the discussions on this forum. Sign in to the community and start engaging.

Threads: 2,164

Posts: 31,342

Members: 977

7. German Shepherd Training Forum on

This forum is a very useful aid to law enforcement agencies or the police. German Shepherds are excellent companions for the police, so a trained dog becomes as important as a human cop in operations.

German Shepherd Training Forum on

This forum contains resources that you can refer to for raising your GSD as a police dog. Check out this thread for its review on “The Monks of New Skete: The Art of Raising a Puppy”, an excellent book for puppy training. As a GSD owner, you may want to look around for books and resources. Here is a starting point.

8. German Shepherd Dog forum on Breedia

This is a pretty colourful forum for general discussion on German Shepherds. Like any forum, users have posted their queries and comments about GSD. However, one thing stands out: instead of categories, the discussions have been sorted by the tags or keywords.

German Shepherd Dog forum on Breedia

So if you want to get related information on a specific topic, such as training or showing your GSD, you can simply click on that tag and get a full list of posts under that tag. 

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GSDs are also great show dogs, so if you happen to own one of those handsome pups, check out the “Showing” category on the forum!


This is a really comprehensive and well-categorised forum on the overall upkeep, purchase and adoption, and putting down of German Shepherds. It keeps track of recent news in the GSD community, such as current affairs, events and club info.

It boasts of a supportive user membership that will guide you in choosing a GSD, puppy training, German Shepherds’ living together with your other pets. Many other forums do not cover one aspect: how to deal with an old and disabled GSD, but this forum has also a section related to senior dogs’ health care and other maintenance aspects.


Many users are not aware of reliable German Shepherd Dog Communities Forum online, where they can put their queries and get real-time support.

However, the German Shepherd Guide website, which is a popular and trusted platform about all GSD-related matters, lists the best forums for your convenience.

You can meet new owners, enthusiasts and other specialists who can help you in your bonding and raising experience of a GSD.

11. German Shepherd Subreddit

Created in 2010, this Reddit forum boasts of 89.6k active members. At first sight, the most engaging posts are the pawfully cute German Shepherd pictures uploaded by members around the world. They are also followed by queries, concerns, or tips for behaviour management.

german shepherd subreddit

This subreddit has been around for a pretty long time and is quite an engaging platform for gsd lovers. When you can visualize exactly where the discussion is leading, you can also give your inputs in an effective manner.

Please note that as a responsible and informed dog owner, your first line of action for any GSD-related issues must be to consult a specialist or a vet. Forums online have the drawback of anonymity, spamming and irrelevant information, which may not help you at all. Make sure you cross-check with specialists, as these forums are meant for simply interacting with similar-minded people.

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