Top 100 unique, strong & badass names for male and female german shepherds

Is there a new member that’s joining your clan? What are you going to name the handsome little member? German Shepherds are loyal and playful yet badass. These precious creatures are considered to be one of the strongest breeds, hence, they are favoured as service dogs, police dogs and even pets who can guard your home while you’re away!

According to American Kennels Clubs, the German shepherd is the second most popular breed in the world after Labradors. This is simply because their devotion and courage are unmatched. One thing is for sure, dog owners will never regret adopting and getting home a German Shepherd, as they are extremely playful, sensitive, and are perfect family dogs, as they adapt themselves to every environment and atmosphere. 

German Shepherds are considered to be highly adaptive dogs, be it any situation. And that is something that makes them so great! They can be alone, be with strangers, be in the cold and hot weather and have a high sensitivity level. They would adjust perfectly at your home, as they are supremely adjusting with families, kids, strangers and new environments. Grooming and training them is a piece of cake and their intelligence and playfulness are beyond compare!

These hunky creatures are not only faithful, but are also sharp, bright, athletic, and striking to look at. In short, German Shepherds are perfect in all big and petite ways! And thus, finding a perfect name for these perfect creatures can be a hell of a challenge.

But before naming your dog, there are a few points you always must remember:

  • Never name your dog based on ongoing trends. A trend might come and go, but this paw-some creature will be with you for years and years.
  • Always think of short & Sweet. You don’t want to name your pup or dog as William IV – the Sailor-King, and make it a hell of a task for yourself.
  • Don’t try to get funny and name your dog as something embarrassing, which you can’t only yell out! We’re serious here, people do that, and regret it later!
  • Find a very unique name of your GSD, but don’t indulge in keeping their names as some negative personalities or character, it is not cool, and you will repent it.
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While on the way to getting your new member home, you might be feeling extremely overwhelmed, but don’t let your feelings get in the way of naming your dog. 

This is a decision that should be extremely well thought, and researched. Since these dogs serve the police force and are considered to be one of the fittest, most athletic, and fierce breeds, their names always must be matching to their personality, otherwise, it will look and sound like a total misfit. Imagine your dog to be bulky and mighty, you obviously cannot name him Jerry, or maybe brandy, simply because these names go well with other bijou breeds. 

But, fret not, because we are here to take you out of this pickle and save you from the dilemma. Here is a list of great names for your Male German Shepherd Dog, which will help you to choose the name of the newest member of your family based on their looks and personality type.

You could go for something common, yet striking:

1. Rocky

2. Lucky

3. Max

4. Thor

5. Zeus

6. Buddy

7. Jack

8. Dude

9. Tyson

10. Jake

Or you could opt for something less common and distinctive, like:











If you opt for a Female German Shephard, you could pick one of these names, which are a wee bit common, but still are very badass and charming for a female GSD.











If you wish to go for something unique, we’ve got you covered!

 Here are some unisex names for you, if you don’t believe in gender discrimination!

51. Dreamer

52. Bits

53. Clover

54. Love

55. Hershey

56. Silk

57. Koko

58. Nova

59. Nugget

60. Rain

Dog owners must always remember to name their dogs according to their personality. Quirk up the name of your German Shepherd, according to their colour. You could choose from the following names if your pup is BLACK!

61. Beauty

62. Blacky

63. Carbon

64. Cole

65. Ebony

66. Midnight

67. Moon

68. Panther

69. Pepper

70. Spade 

But what if your beloved is whitey-white?

71. Alaska

72. Angel

73. Arctic

74. Cloud

75. Crystal

76. Dove

77. Frosty

78. Glow

79. Ice

80. Ivory

81. Pearl

82. Sky

83. Snow

84. Vanilla

85. Star

German Shepherds are an important part of the military and police force in plenty of countries. They are tough and strong, just how police dogs should be! And that is the reason, why you could also go for one of these police dog names. These names are totally savage for this supreme breed.

Well, this is just a brief list to spare you the horror of sleepless nights, for when you can’t stop thinking about what to name your amazing creature, that you are soon going to get home, or maybe, just got home! The possibilities with a German Shepherd are endless, as they are perfect in all ways. As great as they are as domestic dogs, they are excellent at their job when it comes to security and serving the police and military. Probably that is what makes this breed one of the best in the world. However, no matter what name you decide for your German Shepherd, these majestic creatures will always remain simply BADASS!

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