Top 7 Teething Toys for German Shepherd Dogs

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All mammals bear two sets of teeth – baby ones, and then the mature teeth. A german shepherd dog is not an exception, either. In German Shepherds, baby teeth start appearing when they are four weeks old. This set remains with them until a maximum of 30 weeks. After this, the teething starts and brings with it a period of pain and discomfort for your dog. To deal with the discomforts of teething, you can take the help of teething toys for german shepherds.

Types of teething signs managed with German Shepherd teething toys

Teething is an important stage of development that is characterized by certain common symptoms. Teething toys are designed to help the owners manage those symptoms and keep the dog healthy and happy, as well, during this period of discomfort. Here is how teething toys can help.

  • Mange frequent chewing: The dog tends to show enhanced chewing tendency, he will even try to chew other hard items of the house, such as furniture, or rubber materials or, even shoes. Many times, this is mistaken for destructive behavior, which may not be the case. Teething toys made of rubber or super-strong nylon offer ease from itching and dogs can chew these without calling for any harm or posing harm to other useful things of the house.
  • Bleeding or swelling in gums: Just like there is little blood coming out when the baby teeth fall in a human child, GSD also experiences swelling or bleeding in gums at the site of teething. Many teething toys filled or coated with medicinal gels can alleviate the pain and swelling.
  • Loss of appetite: Because of pain in the gums, dogs find it difficult to eat. So, they will show a loss of appetite. A teething toy cum treat made from the dog’s favorite animal broth can help maintain a healthy weight during the teething-induced reduction in eating.
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So, you need to have a stock of toys and treats handy to help the dog through the tough phase of teething. Let’s take a look at some of the best teething toys for German Shepherd that can offer relief from teething discomfort, and keep the dog busy or entertained too.

Teething Toys best suited for aggressive chewers like GSD

1. Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring Toy

1. Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring Toy

Easy grip, chewing-friendly design, and great attention diverting ability – this teething toy can be a perfect choice when the dog tends to show high chewing tendency. For an aggressive chewer like GSD, this toy offers a delightful option. Its size fits the gripping ability of your big poonch too.

So, the moment you find any teething discomfort displayed by that furry angel, just hand him over this chewing and teething toy designed to complement gentle to extreme chewing style. The hidden treasure lies in its ridgy design and protruded nubs that actually can help in maintaining dental hygiene by preventing tartar or plaque build-up.

2. Kong Natural Teething Rubber

Kong Natural Teething Rubber

Perfect fit for power chewing typical of a GSD, this teething toy is an ideal choice for keeping the dog occupied and happy. The soft rubber formula provides it a desirable bounce, which makes it a ‘go and fetch’ material too.

The main deliverables of this teething toy for GSD are comforting from anxiety issues and relief from boredom. Also, these make a very good play material and offer dogs an activity to do. A dog barking or chewing too much can be given this toy as a distraction. This toy can be freezer with some stuff before giving to the dog, this adds to the challenge and makes playing more fun.

3. West Paw Pet Chew Toy

West Paw Pet Chew Toy

A double bone teething toy can be the best gift for your big-size GSD struggling with teething-related discomforts. The tangerine color of this teething toy enables easy enticing of the dog into playing with it.

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The bouncy and floatable design of this teething or chewing toy allows the dog to play with it both in water and on land. An easy toy to train the dog to fetch or catch, this teething and chewing toy is completely safe. To add to all, it can allow you to maintain cleanliness at home, as the dogs won’t carry around wood pieces anymore, once they are trained to use it.

4. Peteast Durable Dog Chew Toys

Peteast Durable Dog Chew Toys

It is a bone-shaped dog with bacon flavor. This teething toy is designed to fit the chewing needs and tendencies of big as well as medium-sized puppies. The spiky design offers more friction and grinds the plaque away.

Anxiety and boredom issues can be managed by keeping the dog engaged in this teething toy. Dogs are bundles of energy. They need to have a way to vent out their energy to stay calm or less agitated. This teething toy provides exactly that premise for offering better deviation from the destructive behavior or from chewing on the furniture, balls, shoes, and other useful things of the house.

5. Arm & Hammer Chew Toys

 Arm & Hammer Chew Toys

Tribone toy, with the friction-inducing surface, offers an ergonomically shaped toy that can help remove tartar and plaque too. The super tough nylon material makes it an ideal teething toy for aggressive chewers like German Shepherds.

The toy comes infused with baking soda to help the dog parents maintain the oral hygiene of their loving pet. Thermal Plastic Rubber nubs on the surface can offer good material for handling the teething discomforts that dogs experience in their gums.

6. ABTOR Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toy

 ABTOR Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toy

A teething toy that offers the best chewing support and a play material too! You can stuff it with flavorful peanut butter or any other filling of choice and freeze, before giving it to the dog for playing.

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Designed to complement the instinctual actions of a dog, this teething toy offers good support for training, helping with teething problems, and keeping distracted from destructive behavior.

7. HuggleHounds Plush Corduroy Durable Squeaky Knottie Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

 HuggleHounds Plush Corduroy Durable Squeaky Knottie Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Corduroy material offers the required ridges that can help keep teething-induced itchiness in gums at bay. The knotted limbs offer a more suitable surface for aggressive chewers like GSD.

You can get this limb in different sizes according to the dog size. The additional feature of a squeaker in the toy offers the perfect material to keep the dog entertained or occupied.

Wrapping up,

Remember that GSD is a big puppy and an aggressive chewer, so you have to keep these typicalities in mind while selecting the puppy teething toy. Providing the best teething toy can give you better value for money and help the dog in actual as well. So, be that friend your dog needs and provide him with the best comforting materials like teething toys, treats, etc. when it is that time of growing up for him.

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